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Beyond Westworld

(Beyond Westworld)

 Season 1

5 Episodes

Episodes from the first season


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Original title : Westworld Destroyed
First Aired : 05.03.1980 (USA)
Director : Ted Post
Writing credits : Lou Shaw
Cast : Judith Chapman (Laura Garvey), Stewart Moss (Foley), Dennis Holahan (Capt. Farrell), Morgan Paull (Parker), John Kirby (Dudley), Alex Kubik (Gunfighter), Mo Lauren (Jan), Nicholas Guest (Sailor), Edward Coch, Jr. (Chubby Gunfighter), Paul Henry Itkin (Horton), Cassandra Peterson (Dance Hall Girl), Larry Levine (Technician), Ann McCurry (Roberta)

The Story : After the events of Westworld, John Moore is assigned to hunt down Simon Quaid who has made off with a collection of androids for his own dangerous purposes. Moore must find a renegade android aboard a nuclear submarine...


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Original title : My Brother's Keeper
First Aired : 12.03.1980 (USA)
Director : Rob Holcomb
Writing credits : Lou Shaw, Howard Dimsdale
Cast : Christopher Connelly (Nick Stoner), Jeff Cooper (Dean Stoner), Denny Miller (Earl Case), John Shearin (Jason), Bobby Van (Danny), William Elliott (Police Officer), Jack Carter (Charles Vincent), Greg Lewis (Stickman), Inga Nielsen (Woman), Frank White (Reporter)

The Story : Quaid blackmails an owner of the Stoner Oil company for the company's profits. John and Pamela must find the android in the company's ranks before Quaid can win...


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Original title : Sound of Terror
First Aired : 19.03.1980 (USA)
Director : Paul Stanley
Writing credits : Martin Roth
Cast : Rene Auberjonois (Power), Ronee Blakley (Ruth Avery), DeWayne Jessie (Lingo), Louis Welch (Bobby Lee), Robert Ayers (Spooner), Lawrence Casey (Ryder), Dirk Blocker (Mace), John Lafayette (Nuclear Plant Guard), Sirri Murad (Hakim Fader), Hank Chorra (Pilot), Ed Bernard (Doctor), Ann McCurry (Roberta), Mary Carver (Head Nurse)

The Story : Quaid steals uranium from a nuclear power plant. John and Pamela must find the robot in a rock band before it can be used to build a bomb...


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Original title : The Lion
First Aired :
Director : Jack Starrett
Writing credits : Martin Roth, David Bennett Carren
Cast : Christine Belford (Diana Lionstar), Michael Cole (Corey Burns), William Bryant (Eric Lionstar), Paul Liapis (Carlos Menotti), Michael Pataki (Aldo Ortiz), Ron Trocatty (Bill Johnson), Larry Carroll (Narrator), Robert Clarke (Commentator), Ann McCurry (Roberta), Mary Ayres (Nurse), Trish Guzey (Nurse)

The Story : An experimental car explodes and Westworld circuitry is discovered in the wreckage. John and the Delos team must determine Quaid's latest scheme...


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Original title : Take-over
First Aired :
Director : Director: Don Weis
Writing credits : Aubrey Solomon, Steven Greenberg, Gregory S. Dinallo, Gregory S. Dinallo
Cast : Monte Markham (Captain Mike Nicholson), Julie Sommars (Liz Nicholson), Hari Rhodes (Commander Riley), Chip Lucia (Sgt. Al Benedek), Judy Pace (Vickie Greene), Martin Kove (Jack Edwards), Robert Alda (Governor Eric Harper), Russell Johnson (Patrick), Robert Clarke (TV Reporter #1), Scott Ellsworth (TV Commentator), Arthur Roberts (Jim Roberts), George Takei (Doctor)

The Story : A police captain that is in charge of a state governor's visit is Quaid's target. John and Pamela must stop Quaid's efforts and must locate the robot among the many police officers protecting the governor.