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Wing Commander

(Wing Commander)


Number of reviews: 1

Total points: 2

Average: 2.00/10

n°1 - 2/10 Victor Schwartzman

September 30, 2001

Sorry, but this cheesy movie just doesn't cut it.Based on a well known video game, the film is set in a future where we're all off in space, ala Star Wars. This is a computer-generated space, and looks it. Enter the Kilrathi, a nefarious alien race which just wantsa play rough. The movie is a sad rehash of every war movie cliche you've ever seen. The characters have no depth. They are young & attractive etc., but one doesn't really care about them. And the whole film is undercut by the CGI effects, which look fake. Don't bother spending good money to see this film. If someone lends it to you, put it in the microwave & set it on flameout.

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