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Number of reviews: 2

Total points: 12

Average: 6.00/10

n°2 - 7/10 No Name

June 05, 2008

For me its not nearly as bad as everyone says. Its a good looking, sometimes fascinating Sci-Fi-Movie that deserves to be watched at least once. Sure not everybodies thing, but really entertaining after all.

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n°1 - 5/10 No Name

August 08, 2001

I know absolutly nothing about this film though i suspect that it will be mildly entertaining but wont push the imagination too far; somthing like a darker, though still grey, episode of STAR TREK. saying that i could be completly wrong it could be the next BLADE RUNNER or 2001? you never know so go out rent it and blame or praise this review whichever the case.

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