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King Kong

(King Kong)


Number of reviews: 1

Total points: 10

Average: 10.00/10

n°1 - 10/10 Jonathon DunaiskY

February 11, 2004

I can't believe no one's made a review for this movie yet. This is GREAT!!!! Peter Jackson manages to capture the spirit of the origanal yet made it a different (and possibly just as great) film. The dinosaurs of Skull Island are wonderful (especially the V. Rexes, the Wetasaurs, and the Raptors), yet they pale in comparison to Kong. The characters on the Venture are wonderfull, and the reason I like them the most is that they aren't hyper-important to the story (it's not like Mission Impossible, where every single cast member is vital and they couldn't if just one guy was sick for a day). This is the first King Kong film to finally include the legendary Spider Pit sequence into the story. Let's just imagine that the 70s version never happened. The effects are so great that most of the time it's hard to tell which things are effects and which ones aren't. You can tell just how much Jackson loves the origanal film by watching this, the jokes about how Denham's picture is just like how the origanal movie was are hillarious to any real Kong fan. How can anyone complain about it?

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