The War of the Worlds

(The War of the Worlds)


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Average: 7.50/10

n°2 - 8/10 Jonathon DunaiskY

April 16, 2008

Personally, I like the Speilberg version better, but this is still a great adaption of H. G. Well's book. The film is modest, but it has a religious nature that Wells would've hated. The reason that I really like this film is because of the Martian War Machines. They look elegant, have great sound effects, and the cobra head-like part of it is absoulutly wonderful.

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n°1 - 7/10 Steve

April 26, 2005

Hard to believe that this is the first review to be submitted, but...
This is a 1950s classic, offering what was, for its time, state-of-the-art special effects. It's reasonably faithful to H. G. Wells, notwithstanding the transition from Victorian England to present-day (1950s) America. The Martians come, they conquer, they can't be stopped, and then they die of infection from terrestrial microorganisms. The characters are fairly hokey -- brilliant and resourceful scientist, lady-in-distress, stalwart soldiers, a pious clergyman, blah blah blah. The film Martians are more modern than Wells' Martians, whose fighting machines were walking tripods equipped only with a heat ray rather than floating contraptions with a heat ray and a disintegrator, and which possessed nothing like the shield that protected the film's fighting machines from all weaponry. Still, regardless of cinematic excesses and shortcomings, it remains an exciting and oddly timeless adventure.

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