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Code Name Eternity

(Code Name: Eternity)


Number of reviews: 5

Total points: 36

Average: 7.20/10

n°5 - 5/10 General Shuda

April 16, 2007

Code Name: Eternity is a wonderful Scifi series. I only wish more could be like this. I hope that the Scifi Channel continues to air this masterpiece.

I own and maintain a Code Name Eternity fansite, one of the largest ones on the web. Please visit it. You can find it at OR look me up on Google or LiveJournal [I am kirill_12 there]. It would aslo be helpful if you would contact me and send me quotes, images, and so on to help.Thanks, Shuda

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n°4 - 10/10 No Name

March 07, 2005

I recently discovered this show. As a writer I see it a bit differently.(yes it could have been done a bit better) But it is a good show, that drags you back for more. The producers of the show didn't handle this show the right way. Waiting a year to put it on the air. What were they thinking? I like the show, I have taped them. The charactors aren't bad at all. Eepeally Ethaniel and his best friend. They are still learning to be human after all. Wish there were more episodes. Some fanfic would be nice too.

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n°3 - 6/10 Lysander

May 28, 2002

Well I think it's one of the best Science Fiction Series I have ever watched. The acting is naturalistic and the action is cool too. I never miss watching it. I really love it.

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n°2 - 7/10 No Name

March 31, 2002

okay... the truth is that it's a show that becomes endearing. Yes the acting is bad, and Yes it can be a bit pradictable. but there are occassions when it shines. Mr Dent is wonderful especially in "Fatal Error". there is no denying that it's naff but the fact that i still like proves it have something.

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n°1 - 8/10 Daria Pryce

December 27, 2001

Hmm.. Let's see.. Some of the scripts are great, other suck as hell. Acting is horrible (although I advice to watch for a great actor there- Gordon currie[Dent]). The characters are very flat (but have a big potential of evolving). Pitty the show has only one sesaon, It's rather addictive... (but the concet, the concept! it's pittyful!!!) Overall, it's likeable and has it's own strange charm ^_^

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