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June 08, 2011

I was a teenager who used to go out virtually every night when the first series of Surviviors was aired, so the fact that I stayed in every Wednesday after catching the first episode is a testament to it's initial inventiveness - and my youthful naivety.
I bought the complete series because a). I had absolutely no recollection of series 2 & 3, and b). it was cheap.
Naturally, series 1 seems incredibly dated, but still ha some good moments, especially the episode Law and Order, which I recall making my blood boil first time round. The acting was pretty good, but oh! it was all so achingly middle class - everyone calling each other darling, scolding workshy Mrs. Mopp for not cleaning properly, and worrying about their offsping at public school.
No wonder I didn't see seeies 2 and 3; they're dire. I don't consciusly remember giving up on Survivors, and I had a new job around that time which involved unsocial hours and it was pre-home video, so perhaps i just didn't get time to see it. Whatever, I didn't miss much.
40 hours of telly for £25 is ok, but if you only saw the first series like me, the other 2 are definitely nowt worth the viewing time.

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