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Gemini Man

(Gemini Man)

February 19, 2002

This reworking of the failed Invisible Man series starred Ben Murphy as government agent Sam Casey. When Casey is exposed to radiation he soon finds that he can become invisible. Unfortunately, he can only be unseen for fifteen minutes each day or else he’ll lapse into permanent invisibility and die! Nevertheless, the disappearing act proves quite handy for Casey as he undertakes assignments for yet another secret government organization, this time called "INTERSECT." Gemini man avoided the biggest problem David McCallum had in "The Invisible Man" by having the hero simply flip a switch on his watch to vanish. The trouble with The Invisible Man was that, while it was inventive and attempted to be realistic, filming scenes with the rubber mask took a lot of effort, and still remained very unconvincing. Despite the watch gimmick, Gemini Man fared terribly in the ratings, only half of its episodes where aired before the show disappeared from the airways. Still, the idea of allowing the hero to have the ability to switch between visibility and invisibility was not lost. It would show up nearly 25 years later when "The Invisible Man" returned to television.

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