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Mr. Superinvisible

(L'inafferrabile invincibile Mr. Invisibile)

January 31, 2002

This was a European attempt to duplicate Disney's successful family comedy format. They thought that by placing Dean Jones, a veteran of Disney films, in a starring role combined with the gimmick of invisibility they would produce a hit. Unfortunately, they were WRONG. Jones plays a scientist who receives a mysterious potion in the mail that bestows temporary invisibility. He uses the serum to spy on the woman he’s otherwise too shy to ask out on a date. Jones also engages in assorted mischief to get back at his rival for the girl’s affection. Then a gang of inept criminals out to steal a valuable anti germ warfare serum, learns about his invisibility. Naturally, they go after him. Jones and his sheepdog (who also is turned invisible) try to recover the stolen serum and stay one step ahead of the crooks. There’s a ridiculous chase scene involving, not one, not two, but eventually three invisible men. Two of them return to normal unexpectedly, one sans clothing. The climax of the film has the invisible Jones rescuing the damsel in distress and is almost unbearably silly. He could have avoided the chase and need to rescue the girl by simply giving her some of the invisibility formula. It’s the kind of film that gave the invisible man genre a bad name. It should have disappeared before it was ever released.

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