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Captain Video and His Video Rangers

(Captain Video and His Video Rangers)

 Lou's Review

April 06, 2002

The series is remarkable for many reasons, the most notable being that "Captain Video" is still remembered today by people who weren't even born when the series ended on April 1, 1955.

Top writers and Broadway actors combined to make the series work. "Captain Video" was hugely popular throughout the early Fifties, and had tremendous influence on many things ... science fiction books and films, television itself, Washington politics, and even the way automobiles looked at the time. But the sad fact is that DuMont felt the films were worthless, and scrapped most of them in 1958.

However, Hollywood has a way of reviving and perpetuating old favorites. What better project for the Dream Factory than to breathe new life into what looks to be the immortal legend of the Master of Space and Hero of Science: Captain Video, and His Video Rangers.

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