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April 26, 2000

GATTACA has the key ingredients of good science fiction cinema. The premise is plausible and well-grounded in real science. In the world of the near future, we have sufficient understanding of how genes work, and of how to work them, that we are able to choose that genes of our offspring. And so, of course, we do. And a hair or flake of dried skin can provide a DNA sample which can tell us a person's complete physical characteristics and behavioural predispositions. So we don't need to read your resume or academic record. The saliva left when you licked the envelope tells us all we need to know, thank you very much.Not since Blade Runner have I seen a world depicted with such chillingly beautiful style and painstaking detail. Everyone looks like Uma Thurman or Ethan Hawke (only taller). The plot manages to take the characters around this world, so that we can get to know it and be confronted with it's implications, while also being an interesting story in itself. Good Science. Good Story. Looks great.

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