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2001: A Space Odyssey

(2001: A Space Odyssey)

November 24, 2006

If there has ever been a "PERFECT" movie, then 2001 is it !
Decades ahead of its time, and still one of the wonders of cinema history. it is a sort of "Egyptian Pyramid" , was made so long ago, and no one can match it to this day and foreseeable future !
So "is it any good ?" , well it all depends on your point of view ! if you expect Buck Rogers or Han Solo to jump in at any time, with a laser gun blasting, ... then 2001 is not for you. on the other hand if you can watch a documentary about deep space and philosophy , with interest, to the end, and not dose off, then 2001 will become your Bible.
I have seen more people to be bored to death with this movie, than people who find it awesome ! this is a poetic adventure, quite calm and dark, with many totally silent scenes, the occasional dialogue is short and to the point, the only music is classical music, there are almost no fantastic sound effects either, just what is needed !
Would Kubrick spell out the story for you ? not on your life! he only hints at it, you must take note, like a detective and figure it out for yourself! and for this fact , there are many interpretations of the movie. Since it is a long movie, with almost no action scenes, minimal dialogue, sound effects or even music, then I understand why many find it boring!
However, many have starred into the eyes of Mona Lisa, for decades and wondered at her "not so obvious" beauty! and many who couldn't give a F...!

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