The Story

In Diablo Valley, California a complacent community struggles to adapt to a changing world where global chaos looms and threatens to alter life as they know it. As troubling worldwide disasters accelerate and reach into a complacent community, a brother and sister grapple with being abandoned by their father and the powerful presence of their mother's new boyfriend. The siblings are forced to take control of the chaos around them and reinvent everyone's lives.

Nineteen-year-old Pam Wu remembers her absent father with longing. She and 8-yearold Timothy live with their mother, Saura, who buries the shame of her husband'sdesertion by succumbing to the lustful attention of her younger boyfriend Wendell. Still, Saura can't conceal a bitter nostalgia for her youth, a time when she had love and purpose.

Pam's only friend Scott Parker, a restless Korean adoptee, confronts his fundamentalist parents with his sexuality, inadvertently affecting his closeted boyfriend Jonah with inescapable repercussions.

Wendell's powerful presence threatens to tear apart the Wu family, even as Scott's machinations backfire, jeopardizing things for himself, his parents, and Jonah. Withcatastrophe imminent, lines are crossed, secrets long repressed begin to emerge, and all are left to face their own selfishness and intolerance... until Timothy discovers a way to alter everyone's reality.