Cold Fusion

(Cold Fusion)

 The Story

In 1979 a UFO is spotted over Ukrainian territory in the Soviet Union. A squadron of MIG 23 fighters are dispatched to intercept it. After an air battle with a number of fighters being lost, the UFO is brought down by a mass of air to air missiles hitting it. The UFO is then taken to a top secret facility similar to the United States Area 51 where research on it is begun. For years the best scientist in Soviet Union attempted to unlock the mysteries of this craft from another world.

Now, over 30 Years later the Soviet Union is gone and the political machine that kept its secrets has changed. The technology has fallen into the hands of a rouge element of various governments from around the world. Using the cold fusion material from the crashed UFO engines, the top secret facility has developed a very small but lethal weapon. A deadly plan to change the world is put into action.

A small town in Iowa is the first to be hit. Within seconds of detonation, the entire town is wiped out. Yet there is no radiation, just a massive EMP (Electoral Magnetic Pulse) that wipes the entire area, destroying all technology within a 50 mile radius. A few days later the city of Vladivostok in Eastern Russia is hit with a even more powerful explosive. A hundred square miles disappear in a matter of seconds. Yet the question is why would these cities be targeted? But more importantly; who is really behind it?

With the world on the verge of total destruction a top secret organization within the United States government has been given the task to penetrate the facility. Their mission is to find out what their real target is and stop it. Heading the operation General Robert Unger (Adrian Paul) has discovered a plan that could destroy the world has we know it. He learns that through out the world hundreds of these ultra powerful devices have been planted and will be detonated simultaneously, creating a massive EMP (Electoral Magnetic Pulse) that will destroy the planet.

Now the best penetration team in the world is activated. The highly trained assassin and spy, Lila Body (Sarah Brown) and Russia’s top female operative, Ekaterina Dimadrova (Michelle Lee) are sent on what may be a suicide mission to stop the detonation of these devices before the world is brought down-Permanently offline.