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Deep-frozened after a benign operation concerning a ulcer to the stomach, the macrobiotic restorer Mile Monroe wakes up in 2173, that's to say 200 years later as he was 35 years old. Wicked white men are leaned on him. By waking up this glasses guy, these physicians have defied the  government's orders. Wanting to hide him from security, they take him in a specialized center, his case being a true scientific exploit.

Break it into pieces, it is strange - Sleeper
Break it into pieces, it is strange

Physicians, belonging to a rebel group who fights against the government, ask him to go in west zone in order to discover the why and where of the AIRES project. While the police invades the center, Monroe escapes them by fleing in a truck loaded with robots. To escape them he disguises as a robot. His disguise is so much flawless, that he is hired by Luna Schlosser. Monroe plays the game. Being named Mimile, he executes domestic tasks in a nightmarish manner, that costs him to be sent to the workshop for repair in order to change his head.

Contact the resistance for the Aires project - Sleeper
Contact the resistance for the Aires project

Monroe escapes the workshop with his mistress and has to confess he is not a real robot. Taken with panic in front of the stranger everyone is looking for, Luna shouts. Obliged to gag her, Miles asks her to help him to join the resistance and to drive him in the west zone.

On their path, they enter a habitation. But Luna profits some to call the police that intervenes. To her great surprise, the police wants to kill her because she would have been now contaminated by the stranger. Monroe comes to her help and is once again arrested while Luna leaves to contact the resistance in the west zone...

Strange brain washing - Sleeper
Strange brain washing
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Meanwhile one practices a brain washing on the poor Mile Monroe then he has to work in a functional complex. Luna returns later, after having been trained by the resistance, removes him and reprograms him. Both disguised in sugeons, they penetrate in the functional center where Miles has to practice a surgical operation on the chief before the AIRES 2 project is to be started. Disquised as a famous doctor, he finds himself in a cloning hall where he has, from the nose of the chief, to recreate his whole body. Of course, Miles will not realize the operation. He steals the nose and escapes with Luna who has come to fall in love with him.