Wonder Woman

(Wonder Woman)

 The Story

During the second world war, the aircraft of Major Steve Trevor collides with a german one above the triangle of Bermuda. Unconscious, he is recuperated by a people of Amazons living on a heavenly uncharted island that gives to her inhabitants powers out of the common. Trevor is taken in charge by the Princess Diana, the very beautiful daughter of the Queen of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

But it is impossible to keep the soldier without endangering the island. Learning that the world is in war against the nazi, the Queen decides that one of the horsewomen will have to accompany the Major back in America. Although Diana is forbidden of participation to the selection tests that will designate the happy chosen one, she nevertheless participle secretly and demonstrates that she is the most qualified for this mission.

Diana is now a "Wonder Woman". The Queen Hippolyte gives her a suit specially disigned for her with the emblems of United States to express their sympathy to liberty and democracy, and all gadgets that will be necessary : a gold belt, symbol of the supremacy of the Amazons that will allow her to preserve her power out of the island, a lasso that has

the ablility to oblige to tell the truth to these that it captures, a boomerang a bit special and bracelets that repel balls. On board her little transparent plane, Diana accompagnies Steve Trevor back to Washington, D.C.. Taking the identity of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman is finally going to become the personal secretary of the Major Travor while using her fantastic powers for good.

The series is inspired from the Charles Moulton 1942's comics. In 1967, William Dozier who was already producing televised adaptations of the "Green Hornet" and "Batman" attempted a first TV adaptation. The very mediocre result stoped with a four minutes mini presentation destined to convince producers. It is necessary to wait until 1974 to see a new attempt leading to a 90 minutes TV movie in which Wonder Woman (blond hair woman) is more a « secret agent » than a « super heroes ». This project that had to lead to a new series was equally left off because too bad.


It is finally in 1975, that ABC attempted its own adaptation. This time, the actress Lynda Carter, a unknown youth, played Wonder Woman in a 90 minutes TV movie that was going to become the pilot of a series of 59 episodes. The audience and the ratings warmly welcomed it. Lynda Carter's portrayal was definitively stunning. Not even Charles Moulton would have imagined such a wonderful interpretation. And this is how the history of the Amazon Princess came to TV life.

The series is composed of 59 episodes of 50 minutes and 3 seasons. It was first aired on the 21st April 1976 on ABC. After fighting the nazi during a whole season on ABC, Wonder Woman will fight others wicked on CBS the two next seasons.

Even if the 1975 TV movie is considered as the pilot of the series, thie one really begins with the episode « Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther »., but it is often aired in two one-hour episodes.

Diana Prince - Wonder Woman
Diana Prince
Major Steve Trevor - Wonder Woman
Major Steve Trevor