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Journey to the Seventh Planet

(Journey to the Seventh Planet)

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We are in 2001. Man solved the problem of travel in space. The world has changed and the planet is no longer tormented by wars and threat of extermination. Man has learnt to live with himself and the UNO is the only organism to lead the world. All the planets close to the sun, including Saturn, have been explored and recognized by the UNO's space fleet. Explorer 2123 is currently in mission to probe, land and inspect the seventh planet; Uranus, on which radioactive signals have been detected.

Astronautes of the 7th planet - Journey to the Seventh Planet
Astronautes of the 7th planet

Onboard, Barry, Svend, Karl and Don, four astronauts under the commandment of Eric have only ten days to realize the mission if not they'll miss their return path. Just before the landing, an incredible thing produces. A kind of specter invades the cabin, dives men into a deep coma and scrutinizes their spirits. Its goal : to order them so as to take the possession of the Earth. When they wake up two hours later, although scatterbrain, the crew resumes the procedure of landing that unfolds without encumbering.

The brain creature - Journey to the Seventh Planet
The brain creature

At their great surprise, the world that they discover is not the one they were suspecting. Instead of a landscape made of ammonia water and temperatures largely belowof 200 degrees celsius, they discover a world with dense vegetation and with clement temperatures. Svend has a strange impression of déjà vu. The landscape he discovers is exactly the place where he was playing when he was a child. Eric sees the village where he lived his childhood and meets Ingrid, the girl he was in love with. Don, in flawless runner of underskirts, encounter Greta, an ancient girlfriend. Aware that they are all victims of hallucinations, they return to the rocket. Pushing their investigations, they notice that this artificial landscape hides a passage protected by a force field. Persuaded to discover the explanations of these visions behind it, Eric, Karl and Don penetrate in the structure where rules radioactivity and strange vibrations. Continuing their path, they meet the entity, an immense brain that has the ability to rummage their spirits and to pull out their largest subconscious fears. When the former proposes them to defy it, the three men have suddenly to face an horrible monster. It concerns in fact a huge rat directly generated by Karl's spirit who always had the phobia of these animals. They fortunately escape it and return to the rocket.

Meeting of a strange monster - Journey to the Seventh Planet
Meeting of a strange monster

To learn some more about this thing, Eric questions Ingrid. She knows a few about it but explains that it is a lonely being present in all thinks. Well decided to stop the entity, the astronauts build hastily liquid oxygen weapons and return to the assault of the monster…

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

In the confrontation, Karl is going to die while the others are going hit the entity. They hurry back to the rocket to proceed to an urgent takeoff. At the foot of the rocket Ingrid is here. Eric decides to take her with them. While the rocket takes off, the landscape becomes hostile and finds back its original Uranus aspect. As they fly away, Ingrid, to the great desperation of Eric, disappears. What was the nature of this monster and what were its real intentions… The four astronauts return with an incredible story to tell.