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"V", the sensational, highly rated miniseries, continues as an action-packed, 19 episode series with Marc Singer, Jane Badler and Faye Grant reprising their roles in the Science - Fiction thriller. Set in Los Angeles, the show, ablaze with special effects, involves an invasion from outer space by slimy, carnivorous reptiles, disguised as humans, determined to enslave the earth's population for food. Singer plays Mike Donovan, the TV cameraman who commands the Resistance Fighters against the alien Visitors; Grant portrays Julie Parish a scientist and leader of the Resistance group, and Jane Badler is Diana, the evil leader of the Visitors.

The Resistance - V
The Resistance
The visitors - V
The visitors

V : The Series was aired for the first time on the 26th Octobre 1984. the series is composed of 19 épisodes of 45 minutes. The last one was aired on the 22nd of Mars 1985. A twentieth episode in preparation was never shot.

Julie - V
'V' Crew - V
'V' Crew
Julie - V