The Visitor

(The Visitor)

 The Story

The Visitor is the story of an air force pilot, Adam McArthur, who mysteriously disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle only to reappear unchanged 50 years later. Gifted with enhanced abilities, plus an almost mystical life force, he sets out on a mission to change the course of human destiny in an attempt to save the planet from complete annihilation. His task is hampered through by not only the government following his every move but also the alien race that abducted him. Both the government and the alien are equally keen to capture "the visitor" to respectively learn and protect the secrets that he knows...


Colonel James Vise, head of a secret branch of the National Security Agency (NSA), takes a particular interest in the visitor but finds himself encumbered by the addition of the FBI. Agents Wilcox, Van Patten and La Rue are as keen as the NSA to learn the visitor's secrets but are forced into an unhappy allegiance with their rivals in the attempt to achieve their mutual goal. Meanwhile, the visitor himself is also on the hunt, as he searches for specific individuals he knows can help him with his mission. As the series begins he takes refuge with a single mother and her unruly teenage son... with the government hot on his heels...

This is the first television project to be supervied by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the Creators/Producers behind the movies "independence Day", "Stargate" and "Godzilla". However, this heart-warming science-fiction series differs from their big budget blockbusters, concentrating more on characterisation than expensive action sequences. Starring the gorgeous John Corbett of "Sex in the City" fame, the series was regrettably cancel in the States after only thirteen episodes.

Composed of only one season, the series was first aired on September 19, 1997 on Fox Channel. The last episode (The Trial) was aired on January 16, 1998.

Picture from episode "Reunion" casting Barbara Bain (Space 1999) - The Visitor
Picture from episode "Reunion" casting Barbara Bain (Space 1999)

Co-creator and exec producer Dean Devlin co-wrote and produced the highest grossing feature film of 1996, "Independence Day". He also co-wrote and produced the epic sci-fi adventure "Stargate", write 1992's "Universal Soldier", starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and co-wrote and produced Godzilla. Devlin worked with his partner Roland Emmerich on all of these movies before they began work on this, their first TV series.

Picture from episode "Teufelsnacht" - The Visitor
Picture from episode "Teufelsnacht"
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