Black Friday

(Black Friday)

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The Dr. Ernest Sovac is on the point to be executed on the electrical chair, but before his death, he transmits to a reporter his memories...

Sovac witnesses a gun fight between gangsters - Black Friday
Sovac witnesses a gun fight between gangsters

On this Friday 13th of June, the famous English language Professor George Kingsley is victim of a gun fight between gangsters and is being hurt by the sadly famous Red Cannon's car. This last equally hit in the accident goes to the hospital with the broken spine while the Professor Kingsley's brain is in a so bad state that he only have a few hours to live. Dr. Ernest Sovac decides then in the greatest secret to attempt a last chance. He transfers the gangster's brain to the Professor's body, realizing by this way a unique experience.

While policemen explain Sovac that Red Cannon left 500.000 hidden dollars behind him, Kingsley, convalescent, shows some aspects of the gangster. Does Red Cannon's brain thinks about the hidden money ? Hoping that he finds back the memory threw the Professor, Sovac drives him to New York in the Midtown Hotel, the ancient den of the criminal.

Red Cannon into Professor George Kingsley's body - Black Friday
Red Cannon into Professor George Kingsley's body

And effectively, little by little, Kingsley finds back the memory and recognizes places, habits and his ex-girlfriend, the cabaret singer Sunny Rogers. Ernest Sovac is obliged to tell the truth to the bandit who decides to use his new identity to appease his revenge needs towards his ancient partners in crime who have betrayed him : Eric Marnay, Frank Miller, Louis DeVore and William Kane.

Sunny Rogers - Black Friday
Sunny Rogers

Red Cannon first kills Louis DeVore and William Kane. But while he tries to trap Marnay, he shots two police inspectors. Sunny who does not wish to renew with his ancient partner delivers him to Marnay. The former spies the killer who leads him to the place where the hidden dollars are. But Red Cannon fights hard and kills the last two crooks before to punish Sunny for her lack of fidelity...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

In the Midtown Hotel, it is the Professor Kingsley Sovac sees arriving. Sovac reached his goal. He succeeded to get the gangster's money and Kingsley did not suspect him. Back to Newcastle, Red Cannon's brain seems to have completely disappeared and the Professor has resumed his teaching. But when a police siren yield in the street, the spirit of the feft wakes up and ghosts of his victims resuscitate him.

Sovac tries to manipulate Red Cannon - Black Friday
Sovac tries to manipulate Red Cannon

Understanding that the Dr. Ernest Sovac had stolen his money, Cannon hurries at Sovac's home and threats his daughter's life. The Doctor opens fire on a man who, shocked, no longer understands the situation. Wanting to amass funds for the construction of a new research laboratory, the scientist will finish therefore by paying with his life on the electrical chair his arrogant thirst to pierce its mysteries.