Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms

(Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms)

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In 1953, the American government organized a top-secret project to create an elite military force. Code name : Universal Soldier. This procedure consisted in collecting soldiers's corpses killed in action to resuscitate them, and to genetically improve them, with the goal to rise the army of tomorrow. In 1998, the program was discovered by a reporter, Veronica Reynolds, during an hostage affair. Thereafter, several Universal Soldiers were slaughtered... or disapeared.

Veronica Reynolds is wanted by the FBI - Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms
Veronica Reynolds is wanted by the FBI

Veronica Reynolds is wanted by the FBI. She is charged with murder in a plot that has to make her fall because she knows too much about the project. Along with her, Luc Devereaux, the universal soldier responding to the name of GR44, intangible proof of the incredible experimentation. GR44 belongs to a first universal soldiers team commanded by the Lieutenant Colonel Jack Cameron, today raised from his functions. With the assistance of the odious Otto Mazur, a mercenary, they recruit a new team by killing and by resuscitating three officers among the best of the american army.

The "Universal Soldiers" private army - Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms
The "Universal Soldiers" private army

Veronica and Luc find refuge at his parents's home. But he is rapidly tracked by "Unisol", the governmental organization, thanks to a transmitter that orders his self repatriation. Veronica flees to his pursuit and finds back Luc at Chicago where he is

escorted by three men who drive him to the General Headquarter of the organization. His memory is deleted and Luc is conditioned once more. Universal soldiers learn that the government can no longer subsidize the project. They become now mercenaries under Mazur's orders.

Veronica infiltrates Unisol's headquaters and discovers GR5, deep-frozened, who is in fact the Sergeant Eric Devereaux, Luc's brother. GR5 is a prototype. Killed in action during the Vietnam war, he was never healed with genetic processing as his brother was, and wants to find Luc back after 40 years of absence. While the universal soldiers board a mission truck, Eric and Veronica hide there before to be captured…

Veronica Reynolds - Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms
Veronica Reynolds
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

By seeing his brother, Luc's thought awakes and he recovers his past. He enters in action and escapes with Veronica while Eric remains prisonner inside the truck. Later, Luc receives an auditive message. In exchange for Veronica, Mazur, who took the section command by suppressing the Lieutenant Colonel Jack Cameron, will free GR5.

Veronica and Luc rise a rescue operation for Eric before to escape. But Mazur's universal soldiers are going to find back their tracks in a restaurant where they stopped. After a violent fight, the universal soldiers are destroyed, Mazur finds death, but equally Eric, that nothing can resuscitate. Luc promises to revenge his brother and to find the responsible. Does he know that the responsible is the CIA Director ?.

Luc and his brother Eric as GR5 - Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms
Luc and his brother Eric as GR5