Titan A.E.

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3028. The Earth is attacked by some creatures from another planet, the Drej. The young Cale and his father are separated while attempting to escape the terrible threatens. A violent explosion destroys the Earth. Humans are henceforth reduced to wander in a hostile galaxy controlled by aliens.

Cale is now a rebel - Titan A.E.
Cale is now a rebel

Fifteen years later. Cale has become a rebel teen. Failed on a third category asteroid, He works on the salvage station Tau-14. He rapidly meets Commander Joseph Korso who proposes him a harmful and perilous mission for the salvation of the humanity. He gives him a ring bequeathed by his father whom he worked on the Titan project with. Genetically coded, the ring appears in fact to be a map that indicates the coordinates of the place where the spaceship Titan was hidden by his father since the attack of the Earth by the Drej.

Akima is a beautiful and excellent navigator - Titan A.E.
Akima is a beautiful and excellent navigator

Even if he would have say no, Cale has no longer the choice. The Drej make irruption in the station to capture him. The enemy knows that the Titan can destroy them and the aliens entirely composed of energy has for ambition to annihilate the human kind. With the assistance of Korso and his pretty navigator Akima, Cale escapes them. All flies away onboard Korso spaceship and put course toward the planet Sesharrim to enter in contact with the Kaos. The chief of this people learns Cale how to orient his map and to manipulate it as a compass. The map indicates the exact site of the Titan. Suddenly the Drej attack.

Out of the spaceship, Cale is impressed byAkima's beauty - Titan A.E.
Out of the spaceship, Cale is impressed byAkima's beauty

Despite all efforts, Cale is captured by the Drej and led to a mothership. The enemy succeed in reading the map in the hollow of the young man's hand. Fortunately he escapes his cell and steals a little Drej fighter. He succeeds in joining Korso's vessel that stops on a human colony. But Cale and Akima hear a secret conversation between Korso and the Drej that testifies the Commander's treachery. Unmasked, the renegade abandons the two young peoples on the colony...

Cale above Salvage Station Tau-14 - Titan A.E.
Cale above Salvage Station Tau-14
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Nevertheless Cale is decided to find the Titan before Korso. To archieve this, he first have to repair a terrestrial spaceship that did not functionned for fifteen years. Succeeding in joining and taking over the traitor's spaceship, Cale and Akima finally board the Titan. The spaceship contains all DNA sequences from all the animals having once existed on Earth. Thanks to the ring, Cale reactivates the Titan and learns from his father own voice that the spaceship has the power to create a new planet. But electrical cells of the vessel have been exhausted. It is absolutely necessary to recharge it.

While the Drej fighters attack, Cale and Korso, who finally boarded the spaceship, struggle to get the ring. After a new changing of side from the Commander, Cale succeed in diverting the Drej energy to operate the Titan's reactors and to take off. A take off that allows the nature to self create a new planet endowed with an atmosphere. The humanity can now recover.