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 The Story

Tekwar is a war articulating around a new drugs, the Tek, that tackles the unconscious and scrambles the frontier between dream and reality. The story unfolds in a futuristic world where the human beings and the computers interact directly, without interface. The Tek is produced in clandestine laboratories by powerful criminals named the Teklords. The struggle against these criminals and against the exploitation of the human spirit by the Tek is the heart of the intrigues of this series.

Jake Cardigan and Nika - TekWar
Jake Cardigan and Nika

Accused of dealing Tek and murdering his partners, ex-cop Jake Cardigan is sentenced to fifteen years in a cryogenic prison. But after only four years, he is released via the unlikely intervention of Walter Bascom, head of shadowy Cosmos Detective Agency. In return for his "freedom", Jake must help Bascom derail Teklord Sonny Hokori, who is poised on the brink of world domination of the Tek trade.

Walter H. Bascom at the head of the Cosmos Detective Agency - TekWar
Walter H. Bascom at the head of the
Cosmos Detective Agency

This series is composed of only one season of 18 episodes. It was first aired in the United States on December 22, 1994 on the CTV chanel.

Tek take - TekWar
Tek take

Preceded of four TV movies -- Tekwar, TekLords, TekLab and TekJustice -- the series is adapted from the novel "Tek" by William Shatner, the famous Captain James T. Kirk from the cult series Star Trek. Shatner is equally the creator and the executive producer of the series. It follows the struggle of a private police agency against a terrible drugs, the "Tek" in a futuristic world in which data-processing and virtual reality takes a very large place.

Virtual reality - TekWar
Virtual reality