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In the farthest reaches of deep space, the medical vessel Nightingale 229 keeps a lonely vigil for those in trouble. Responding to a rescue signal emitted direct from the closed mine of Titan 37, one of the farest outpost that has become unstable, the six crew persons headed by A.J. Marley decide to make a dimensional jump in hyperspace and gains their individual stabilization chambers in order that the organism supports the trip.

But, the arrival is a bit chaotic. While Marley finds death in an atrocious way because of his defective stabilization crate, the Nightingale enters the gravitational pull of a giant planet whose attraction force is ten time more superior that our sun. The planet is on the point to transform into a supernova, the most massive explosion of the universe. Fortunately, the experience of Nick Vanzant, allow the former to re-establish the ship in perdition and to maintain it in orbit around Titan 37.

The merchant shuttle stows violently - Supernova
The merchant shuttle stows violently

A short while after, a merchant shuttle quickly approaches toward the spaceship and stows violently. Troy Larson, Carl Larson's son, the man who sent the distress signal, well known of Kaela Evers climbs on board. The former transports an alien artefact he has discovered on the planet. It seems that the thing has the particularity to transform the physionomy of the persons who come in contact with it. Yerzy Penalosa experiences it; he manifestly increased his muscular mass and is in the process to rejuvenate, what explains the astounish physic resistance of Troy.

Troy brought a strange alien artefact - Supernova
Troy brought a strange alien artefact

Analyses allow to discover that it concerns in fact the most powerful bomb of the universe, able to create matter to rejuvenate it. Compound of unknown elements in our three dimensions, it is intended to annihilate all capable life able to discover it. Nick, despite recommendations of Troy is decided to separate from it.

Calculations show that they have only 11 minutes more to undertake a new dimensional jump that will return them to earth and will allow them to escape the explosion of the planet. On Troy's advice, Nick equips then a shuttle and goes to the surface of the planet in search of fuel stored in the Titan 37's mines. When the shuttle leaves without him, Nick understands that it is a trap released by Troy who is in fact Carl Larson himself and whose body rejuvenated to the contact of the alien object. Troy has the ability to self-regenerate and becomes nearly immortal. Alone against all he suppresses tour on tour Danika, Yerzy and Benjamin...

Nick does not surrender - Supernova
Nick does not surrender
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

But it is without counting on the perspicacity of Nick who returns on board the Nightingale into his self powered rescue spacecraft he had the good idea to load. After a fierce struggle, Nick and Kaela attract Troy in the Nightingale dome of observation using the artefact as bait that becomes increasingly unstable. When he is on the way to get it, Nick triggers an explosive he put inside, thus getting rid of the psychopath. Its explosion provokes a chain reaction and transforms the planet into a supernova that will reach the earth in 51 years. Either it will destroy all earthling, either it will provoke mutations and will drive the humanity to a new stage of the evolution.

Nick comes back to the Nightingale - Supernova
Nick comes back to the Nightingale