Superman Returns

(Superman Returns)

 The Story

Superman – born on a planet which has long since died – has been raised by adoptive parents on the Kent farm in Kansas. The young boy Kal-El is renamed Clark Kent, and though he has grown up among humans, he is not one of them. Under Earth’s yellow sun, he can do things humans can only dream of, but to co-exist with them he must live a dual life as mild, unassuming Clark Kent, secretly transforming into the Man of Steel when the world cries out for him.

Lex Luthor menaces Lois Lane and her son Jason - Superman Returns
Lex Luthor menaces Lois Lane and her son Jason

But now, the world’s crises have gone unheeded for five long years since Superman’s mysterious disappearance. Without him, crime has risen in the city of Metropolis and beyond; that’s not even counting the future destructive acts of Lex Luthor, who has been sprung from prison with the specific intent of using Superman’s technological secrets for his own personal gain and glory.

Superman is back ! - Superman Returns
Superman is back !

Lois Lane, star reporter for the Daily Planet and the love of Superman’s life, has moved on since Superman left without a word. She has even won a Pulitzer Prize for her essay, “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman.” Lois has other issues to contend with – she is now engaged to the editor’s nephew and has a young son to look after.

But for Superman, the long search for his place in the universe ends back at the Kent farm, among the only family he has ever known. His destiny lies in Metropolis, where one look in Lois’s eyes tells him that this place, among the flawed but ultimately good people of Earth, is his true home.

Lois Lane fiance Richard White along with Clark Kent, Lois son Jason and Lois herself work after hours at the Daily Planet - Superman Returns
Lois Lane fiance Richard White along with Clark Kent, Lois son Jason
and Lois herself work after hours at the Daily Planet

DoctorSF's Words

After nineteen years away from the big screen, Superman finally returns! Understanding the importance of the franchise, Warner Brothers finally decided on Bryan Singer (X-MEN, X-MEN 2) for director. Singer - who did a great job bringing the X-Men comic book heroes to life - was equal to the task of guiding the number one superhero of all time down the path back to celluloid. A comic hero since 1939, Superman appeared for the first time on screen in 1941 in seventeen animated shorts, followed by two serials. He was featured in more then thirty video titles, available on VHS and DVD, culminating with the series of SUPERMAN films played by the late Christopher Reeve. For the title role of the new film, producers chose newcomer Brandon Routh. He was discovered in a similar way as Christopher Reeve was for the Richard Donner Movie. Born a year after the release of Donner's Superman, then unknown actor to the movie world was a regular of television sitcoms (ODD MAN OUT, GILMORE GIRLS, COLD CASE, WILL & GRACE). Routh possesses an incredible resemblance to Reeve which further convinced Singer that the right choice had been made. Who plays the blue flying hero's love interest, Lois Lane? She is being portrayed by Kate Bosworth who was discovered at age 14 in the film THE HORSE WHISPERER directed by Robert Redford, and more recently appreciated in BEE SEASON along side Richard Gere, and Juliette Binoche.
Correction Aaron Craig (Portal Writing).

To gain back beauty's heart - Superman Returns
To gain back beauty's heart