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While Lois Lane leaves for a well deserved holiday to the Bahamas, Clark Kent, alias Superman, is going to do some reporting in Smallville, the town of his youth. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Gus Gorman, a professional unemployed person, who is actually a real genius in data-processing, is hired by the powerful company Webscoe after a promising internship. Anticipating the little pay for his work, Gus programs the computer to pour into his account fractions of cents lost in its figures to his account. While Gorman rapidly obtains some nice benefits he quickly spends, Webster, his boss, discovers his employee's talents.

Webster discovers Gus Gorman's talents - Superman 3 (Superman III)
Webster discovers Gus Gorman's talents

Meanwhile Clark Kent is reunited with his high school sweetheart Lana Lang, and an old romance is rekindled. As Superman he continues his quest for good, and saves Smallville from catastrophe by extinguishing a fire that ravages its chemical products factory. Back at Websco, Webster does not fire Gorman but rather forgives him of his sneakiness. Instead Webster decides to promote Gorman, and have him assist his boss in dominating the world economy. He sends him to Webscoe's subsidiary in Smallville tasking Gus with the job of connecting to a weather satellite known as Vulcan. Gus modifies the parameters of the satellite, therefore creating a change of climate in order that all Colombian cafe crops are annihilated. Ross Webster, who sees the last obstacle to his domination on the world cafe deleted, can now devote himself to gaining supremacy on the oil market.

But his plans are interrupted when Superman dries Colombia. Webscoe's leader has to destroy the flying man, who deprives him of world power, at any coast. Via the assistance of Gus Gorman, he directs the satellite Vulcan to the remnants of the lost planet Krypton; he does this to discover what Kryptonite is made of so he can recreate it on Earth. But one chemical element is unknown to the computer; however Gorman does not hesitate to invent a substitute. Although the synthetic Kryptonite doesn't work quite right, it still seems to have an effect on Superman.

Fight between good and evil - Superman 3 (Superman III)
Fight between good and evil

Superman becomes embittered, odious, egotistical, and wicked. Webster, by the intervention of the charming Lorelei Ambrosia, even gets Superman to assist him in his race to control the oil industry. But Superman has to confront Clark Kent, his second personality, who still represents good. At the end of a fearsome fight, with mercy against evil, Clark beats Superman who finally recovers his mind...

Superman down - Superman 3 (Superman III)
Superman down
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Superman is free and immediately repairs the damage he made during his subjection to the synthetic Kryptonite. He flies in pursuit of Webster who is hiding in the mountains of the Grand Canyon. In the rock, Webster has financed the creation of the absolute computer conceived by Gorman in reward for his loyal services. Superman avoids every trap set by Webster, with the exception of the supercomputer when it finally discovers the missing element for the kryptonite, neutralizing the hero of justice. Despite Gus' intervention to save Superman, the supreme computer acquires a complete autonomy and transforms into a real living entity that Gorman can no longer control. All seems lost until Superman uses products of the Smallville chemical factory to annihilate the mad computer. After Superman finds a small group of computer scientists that can assist Gorman in finding a legitimate job, Clark gets Lana a new one as Daily Planet Editor-In-Chief Perry White's secretary, to the great surprise of Lois Lane who returns from holidays.

Correction : Aaron Craig (Portal Writing)