Stranger from Venus

(Stranger from Venus)

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Everything begins when a spacecraft is perceived by several witnesses over the English countryside. Later, a man enters an inn close to the places of events. his behavior is strange. The man who tells he has no name looks for a room. Endowed with physical faculties he seems to read in thoughts and when a doctor examines him, it seems that he has no pouls. The foreigner asserts that he is responsible for Susan North's cure, a victim of a road accident during the passage of the craft. When he explains he comes from planet Venus, Arthur Walker, high-ranking in the administration and Susan's fiancé, calls the war ministry.

Dr. Meinard examines the stranger - Stranger from Venus
Dr. Meinard examines the stranger

The small inn in the open countryside is quickly buckled and nobody can get out any more of the surrounding wall. The stake is too big and the public may not know about this visit coming from outer space.

The journalist Charles Dixon tries to learn a little more about our guest. This one is able of communicating in several languages and he could learn a lot about humans thanks to radio and tv waves emitted from our little planet. He also explains the journalist how his spacecraft uses magnetic brilliance supplied by the planets to move.

The stranger from Venus - Stranger from Venus
The stranger from Venus

When governmental officials come to visit the Venusian, this one confides them the purpose of his arrival on Earth. The foreigner is here to prepare the arrival of another machine and his superiors in the hiearchy who have to spend a warning message toward the whole world's leaders. Humans are developping more and more murderous technologies without measuring their dangerous consequences. These technologies put in danger their planet. Nuclear explosions create important magnetic fields. If about fifty hydrogen bomb would explod at the same place it would have for consequences to move the earth off its orbit and would affect its gravity. This loss of gravity would also affect the gravity of all the planets of the system. he promises that as soon as people will have terminated with these murderous technologies, the scientists of Venus will share their knowledge with the Earth researchers.

Governmental officials are listening to the Venusian - Stranger from Venus
Governmental officials are listening to the Venusian

But the man from the stars who reads in thoughts soon guesses that the human beings are not ready. When his emitting device allowing him to contact the approaching spaceship is stolen, he understands that the international meeting he wanted will not take place and that it is a trap about to catch the flying saucer...

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If the human beings carry out their project he insures them of an immediate and mercilessly retort which could terminate any life on Earth. In front of this unexpected threat, Walker tries to warn the war ministry but it would seem that the dices are rolled. Walker steals back the broadcasting disc and returns it to the Venusian who warns in the last minute the flying saucer from the trap. If a major conflict in which the humanity would have die is avoided, any chance of return of the Venusian is compromised. He disappears as suddenly as he arrived.