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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

 The Story

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" ended in 1994, after seven seasons and 170 episodes. Unfortunately, Gene Roddenberry did not see the end of it because he died on November 26, 1991. It was a great success, a so important one that Paramount had regrets that the contracts the company had signed for this production gave them no better advantages. In front of this success, Paramount ordered a new series. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine started in 1993. This new series fully deals with space station Deep Space Nine, with the Cardassian confilct and whith the wormhole discovered near Pajor planet. Thanks to it, it is possible to explore Gamma Quadrant. The station is the Bajorans propriety but Federation administrated. The action takes place from 2367, that's to say at the same period than Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Deep Space Nine is composed of 176 épisodes on 7 seasons. Choose the season to access to detailled episodes.

Episodes Access
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Picture from episode "Emyssary" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Picture from episode "Emyssary"
Picture from episode "Cardassians" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Picture from episode "Cardassians"

Directors for this series are :
Corey Allen, Rene Auberjonois, Reza Badiyi, Gabrielle Beaumont, Cliff Bole, Avery Brooks, LeVar Burton, David Carson, James L. Conway, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Kim Friedman, Winrich Kolbe, John T. Kretchmer, Allan Kroeker, Les Landau, Robert Legato, David Livingston, Victor Lobl, Andrew Robinson, Robert Scheerer, Alexander Siddig, Jesús Salvador, Treviño, Michael Vejar, Jonathan West, Robert Wiemer, Anson Williams

Picture from episode "Crossover" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Picture from episode "Crossover"

Writers for this series are :
Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler, Rick Berman, David Cohen, Nicholas Corea, Paul Robert Coyle, James Crocker, Richard Danus, Gordon T. Dawson, Bill Dial, Jill Donner, René Echevarria, Jane Espenson, Peter Allan Fields, D.C. Fontana, Bryan Fuller, Morgan Gendel, David Gerrold, Philip Kim, Jeff King, Lisa Klink, Mike Krohn, Philip LaZebnik, Robert Lederman, Richard Manning, Joe Menosky, Katharyn Michaelian Powers, Ronald D. Moore, Brice Parker, Michael Piller, Lisa Rich, Gene Roddenberry, Sam Rolfe, Hannah Louise Shearer, John Shirley, Evan Somers, Gabrielle G. Stanton, Jeri Taylor, Michael Taylor, Bradley V. Thompson, Jim Trombetta, David Weddle, Harry Werksman, John Whelpley, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Marc Scott Zicree

Picture from episode "Call to Arms" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Picture from episode "Call to Arms"