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August 20, 1977. The space probe "Voyager 2" is sent in space loaded with photography of the Earth, words of friendship and a mix of musical compositions. Voyager 2 is an invitation to other species of the universe : Come to visit us on planet Earth.

Some years later, a suspicious flying object is noticed in the American sky by military radars of the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command). The roundabout UFO is put out of its course and crashes above a forest in the Wisconsin but its pilot escapes and flees in the house of a young widow, Jenny Hayden. Thanks to a wick of hair found in a photograph album, the lightning being starts to transform. Under scared eyes of the young woman, the thing takes by turns the aspect of a new born child, then of an teenager and finally of an adult man in a few seconds. The former looks exactly as Scott, her defunct husband…

Starman arrival at the widow's home - Starman
Starman arrival at the widow's home

Horrified, Jenny would like to escape but Starman, the man from the stars, forbids it. He has to go somewhere in Arizona where a spaceship will come to take him back home at the end of his terrestrial stay. He has only three days to learn the maximum from humans and obliges the young woman to drive him to Arizona.

Starman obliges Jenny to drive him to Arizona - Starman
Starman obliges Jenny to drive him to Arizona

But the army discovers the truth. What they believed to be a meteorite is in fact a spaceship that contains a laser disc that transported the probe "Voyager 2". With the federal agent assistance, whose George Fox, and a learned specialist of alien problems, Mark Shermin, the army searches the alien.

Jenny understands that Starman has good intentions. Therefore, she finally decides to help him in his journey and to avoid him all kind of disappointments due to a certain human stupidity. The man who looks like Scott Hayden is going to learn a lot about the all day human life. Affected by a dead deer killed by a hunter, he uses his power to bring back life to the beast. Jenny is now decided to know more about this man who looks like her husband. After a love night in a merchandise train, Starman explains to Jenny, who up till now, had never been able to have children, she'll soon have a son...

Shermin meets the fugitives - Starman
Shermin meets the fugitives
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

When they arrive near the landing zone of the spacecraft that will bring him back home, Starman and Jenny are stopped by Shermin. Thanks to his honesty, the man of science who refuses to make an object of dissection out of Starman, releases them, displeasing to his boss George Fox whom he his not according with. Despite the attempt of Fox to bring them back, the fugitives arrive in time for the appointment with the spaceship. Starman leaves, leaving behind him a woman in love with Scott, her husband double who will give her a child.

Farewell Starman - Starman
Farewell Starman