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It is a time where Good and Evil constantly fight one against the other. On one side, the Emperor of the first interstellar circle, on the other side Count Zarth Arn who uses diabolic weapons to rule over the galaxy. In this star cluster in war are rogues and other space villains. Among them, the superb one and torrid Stella Star and Akton, his mysterious and insipid assistant. In spite of their astonishing aptitude for driving spaceships, those ones are arrested by Thor and his police robot Helias, from the interstellar police forces.

Judged and condemned to forced work, Stella Star quickly uses weakness of the ore engine of his mining penitentiary to fly away. Very quickly arrested once more by Thor and Helias, the Emperor proposes them a deal; in exchange of the erasure of their debts towards the Empire, they must achieve a mission.

The Emperor makes a deal with the two rogues pilotes - Starcrash
The Emperor makes a deal with the two rogues pilotes

An imperial recognition spaceship in the search of a planet sheltering the frightening secret weapon which could give Zarth Arn the advantage in his conquest of the galaxy, fell under fire from the tyrant. However three rescue shuttles could escape. Among one of them is Simon, the only son of the Emperor. Stella Star and Akton must find Simon and destroy the weapon of the despot. Akton manages to calculate the co-ordinates of three planets, possible destinations on which the rescue pods could have landed.

Stella Star - Starcrash
Stella Star

Thor, Akton, Helias and Stella leave to search for the first planet. Stella and Helias land and notice the deserted presence of one of the pod of the Empire. Both must quickly face Amazones women well decided not to let them leave. In spite of the intervention of a giant robot remote crontrolled by the queen of the amazones, the people of women will not succeed.

Then the group leaves for Arakis, the ice planet. Stella Star and Helias leave to search the second pod while Thor, who is in fact a traitor on the point to be named commander of the darkness forces by Zarth Arn, gets rid of Akton leaving him for dead and is on the point of taking off. Abandonned, Helias and Stella Star must face their horrible fate; the temperature which can fall one thousand degrees down during the night dedicates them to an unquestionable death. Both fall asleep in the snow, Helias trying to save the vital forces of young woman. Fortunately, Akton had anticipated the treachery of the police officer and by subtilizing a mini nuclear engine from the spaceship, Thor cannot take off. Akton controls the traitor and saves his friends.

Pretty Stella Star wildly armed - Starcrash
Pretty Stella Star wildly armed

All three now travel towards Diamonda. Helias and Stella Star land on a rocky planet while Akton remains in orbit. But they are attacked by neanderthal men who destroy Helias and kidnap Stella Star. Fortunately, a masked man comes to deliver her. He is in fact Simon, the Emperor's son who failed himself here. The neanderthal men return in force. Once more, Akton comes to save them. This one seems to have a certain divin capacity. He knows that Diamonda is the planet on which hides the secret weapon of Zarth Arn. The Emperor is on the way to join them. But the tyrant had envisaged their visit and rises a trap. Giving his life in the fight, Akton will manage to eliminate two Golem robots.

But while the Emperor joins them on the planet, there remain only 48 seconds before the premeditated explosion of planet...

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Fortunately, the Emperor has the ability to stop time during three minutes with the assistance of a ray which stops the universe's particles. They escape the trap of the infamous Zarth Arn who thinks they are dead.

Benefitting the surprise effect, the Emperor launches a massive attack against the spaceship of the tyrant. But in spite of the concerned forces, Zarth Arn annihilates this movement of resistance. The only solution to change things is to use Star Crash, a terrible weapon which resides on the imperial city. By using the fourth dimension, Stella Star and Simon bring back the imperial city in time from the other side of the galaxy and project it to Zarth Arn's spaceship exploding it. All is well that finishes well and peace is finally back...