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Thirteen generations ago, our overpopulated world constructed the "Southern Sun", a spaceship that had to become the home of thousands of emigrants during their ten light-years trip to a virgin and new world. For descendants of these colonists, this spaceship is a homeland mother. All of themworking to offer a best future to their children. While the major part of this generation is satisfied, some have become impatient and nervous.

David Ryder - Space Mutiny
David Ryder

A "Viper" jet squadron leaded by David Ryder transporting the Professor Thomas Gruder is attacked by pirates, while on board the "Southern Sun", Captain Elijah Kalgan, leader of a rebellion puts explosives. Interceptors Viper are in phase of landing when resound explosions on board the gigantic vessel. David Ryder teleports just in time to avoid death, but unfortunately, it will not be the same for the Professor. Kalgan as chief of a unprecedent mutiny, wants to perplex the vessel to Corona Borialus, a pirate territory.

Lea and David into pursuit - Space Mutiny
Lea and David into pursuit

David Ryder and Lea Jansen, the General Jansen's daughter, commander of the vessel, are well decided to find the delinquent of this sabotage that costed life to many. Together, they discover that Kalgan is implied and take him in hunting. Unfortunately, they are at their turn attacked by his men.

Escaping them, they learn that this one has united a real small army composed of 200 men.

On board, a group of Bellerian woman, who transmit by the thought, meet General Jansen. They show him the way of the truth to confront Kalgan and his evil forces...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Jensen upgrades Ryder to Flights Commander rank and replaces in this task the mutineers's chief. While he barricades each corridor of the the vessel, a horde of pirates attack the ship. But earthling forces reject the invader.

Elijah Kalgan - Space Mutiny
Elijah Kalgan

Kalgan profits of the situation to kidnap Lea. Ryder flies to her help and free her. Kalgan huntmen on their steps, they arrive beside the General Jansen and explain him that the Captain Rick MacPhearson is in reality a traitor. A mutineer general offensive takes place in which Kalgan finds death after a long race on board terrestrial shuttles with Ryder. Whole is well that finishes well, the mutiny is stopped, delinquents punish, and Lea and David are going to marry. But is Kalgan realy dead ?

DoctorSF's Words

A low budget movie that uses numerous footages from the motion picture "Battlestar Galactica". Thus the spaceship called "Southern Sun" is just the "Galactica" from which leaves "Viper" interceptors (scriptwriter did not even change their name) and are attacked by pirates that are true Cylons ! Special effects might not have costed too much to producers !