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We are in 2116. Oboard rocketship BZ-88, the pilot engineer Al, Archie and the reporter Ray Peterson takeoff for a routine mission of galaxy M12. They quickly join the space station ZX-34 in orbit around the Earth directed by the commander George. George sees with a bad eye the arrival of the reporter among the astronauts. He is an austere and resolute man, determined to restrain the liveliness of the young journalist who is impatiently seeking for a sensational story.

Space Walk - Space Men
Space Walk

The opportunity soon presents, but under terrible circumstances. A spaceship - Alpha 2 - is delivered to the uncontrolled orders of its electronic brain after the death of its pilot. The rocket in perdition penetrates back in the solar system and directs right to the Earth. It has to be stopped at any costs, because the spaceship is carrying a photonic field with a ray of action about 5000 miles developing an incalculable heat area that will spread death and destruction leading to the end to the humanity.

Despite the disapproval of the commander, the reporter will belong to the expedition. In addition to be recommended by the high commandment, Ray is highly appreciated by Al and Lucy, the female navigator who sees interest for the young man. Arriving on Mars, they rescue the survivor of a spaceship in distress that crossed Alpha 2' route. Without losing any more time, BZ-88 goes to Venus. Commander George can no longer hide the target of the top-secret mission to the reporter. Venus base is the most recommended place to attempt an interception of Alpha 2 that enters the solar system and passes close to it.

Rescue mission on Mars - Space Men
Rescue mission on Mars

Nuclear missiles are launched against the terrible rocket. But these remain without effects and explode before to reach their goal. In fact, Alpha 2 is composed of two gyro photonic generators that create a sphere of invisible heat, protecting the rocket and making it invulnerable and unreachable. Nevertheless a break exists: the gyro sweeping shows the existence of a neutral corridor in the axis of the vessel by which it may be possible to access.

Between reporter Ray Peterson and the lovely Lucy feelings are growing - Space Men
Between reporter Ray Peterson and the lovely Lucy
feelings are growing

BZ-88 and another armed spaceship piloted by Al are going to sail close to the dangerous meteor that threatens the Earth. As soon as he'll be able to approach sufficiently the neutral channel, Al will fire a missile inside so as to hit the ship. But Alpha 2 nears the Earth. An asteroid field struck its shield and modified its road in a few degrees. Thereby, the uncontrolled vessel will reach the Earth earlier that expected and the change of its path has for consequences to brush the space station ZX-34 -- that is annihilated...

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While BZ-88 leaves to rescue two survivors, Al follows his mission. Unfortunately the missiles fail and when he decides to enter himself into the neutral zone, his spaceship is destroyed. By giving his life, the astronaut nevertheless succeeded in proving the existence of this zone. One by one all the hopes crumble. Knowing that the end is close, love between Ray and Lucy grows, while George becomes more bitter towards the young reporter because, so as him, he is in love with the girl.

Will Ray Peterson succeed the unbeleivable? - Space Men
Will Ray Peterson succeed the unbeleivable?

Ray decides then to borrow a small space taxi to access Alpha 2 by entering the liberating channel. By means of a primitive but ingenious system, the reporter enters the terrible spaceship in perdition. He swithes off the electronic brain and so turns off the photonic field. Unfortunately, out of oxygen, he can no longer exit the ship that is now out of energy. Flying to his rescue, the rocket crew gets him out in extremis before a nuclear missile is launched from the Earth to destroy Alpha 2. The disaster is avoided at the last minute. Thanks to his faith and his courage Ray gains Lucy's love and George's respect.