Mercy Point

(Mercy Point)

 The Story

We are in the year 2249. Driven toward exploration and expansion, the people of Earth have ventured into the outer reaches of our solar system, encountering both higher and lower forms of life along the way - and with some difficulty, ultimately embracing the undeniable fact that we are not alone in the universe. As the Earth has now become an exclusive enclave for the more fortunate , other humans have been forced to take up residence on the mines of the moon or move to a flotilla of independent space stations known collectively as Jericho. With approximately 50,000 human and alien residents, Jericho is a frontier outpost perched on the boundary of an unknown and "unstable" region of deepspace known as - the Sahartic Divide.

Medical crew of "Mercy Point" - Mercy Point
Medical crew of "Mercy Point"

Within this colony is space station Mercy Point. This station a bit particular is a high tech medical space center. Directed by highly qualified Doctors like Grote Maxwell and Haylen Breslauer, it is the first medical facility designed to treat both humans and aliens encountered along the way since 2097.

In the middle of the 23rd Century, a group of doctors in this facility, located on the edge of known territory, offers a safe haven of healing for the competing military,

cultural and corporate interests that are battling for control of the unexplored space beyond.

Using all facets of the medical research and the progress of the medicine, the team is able to treat a large scale of traumatisms and sickness range, from from the complicated to the mundane. Incredible methods such as human cloning and brain transplants are now realistic possibilities. But the evolution of the medicine does not suppress medical and ethical problems doctors are confronted.

Dr. Grote Maxwell - Mercy Point
Dr. Grote Maxwell
Dr. Haylen Breslauer - Mercy Point
Dr. Haylen Breslauer

Directed by the the highly skilled Dr.Haylen Breslauer, this remarkable medical facility can also trust on Dr. Grote Maxwell, the primary Alien Physiologist in Mercy Point, Dr. Caleb "C.J." Jurado, the Director of Extra-Vehicular Medicine, ANI, a beautiful android nurse, Dr. Rema Cook, a well-respected psycho-surgeon, and Dr. Batung, an alien surgeon who is less than fond of human beings. In addition to overseeing the staff, Haylen must deal with a much more personal issue when her younger sister, Dr. DruBreslauer, arrives at Mercy Point, rekindling along-standing sibling rivalry.

The series is composed on 8 episodes and one single season. It was first broadcasted on October, 6th 1998 by the US channel UPN. The last episode "C.J.", is still originally unaired.