Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

(Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)

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In frozen waters of the North Pole, the Admiral Nelson proceeds to the definitive tests of his hightec nuclear submarine; the Seaview. With the Commander Lee Crane, he welcomes onboard the Doctor Susan Hiller, a psychiatrist who inquires on prolonged effects of the confinement on sailors, and the Senator Parker. During plunge demonstration, the submarine has rapidly to return to surface when she is bombed by huge heaps of ice. The crew discovers that the sky is on fire and that the suitable heat smelt icebergs in a dramatic manner. Nelson learns from Washington, that orders them to sail back, that a magnetic belt provoked by an important meteoric activity dives the Earth in a dreadful cataclysm, raising the temperature of the globe to a catastrophic manner.

Hurry sail back to Washington - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Hurry sail back to Washington

Nelson goes to Washington, at the United Nations headquatersd where the greatest scientists in the world are gathered. While scientists such as Doctor Zucco think that the effect is going to blur itself from at a certain temperature, Nelson, who don't think so, proposes an other parade. If he could succeed in sending a nuclear missile from the Seaview from a strategic point to the mortal magnetic belt, that would have to repel the danger and to save the Earth. But all oppose to this « risky » solution and Nelson has to escape on board his submarine.

Nelson explains his plan to the United Nations - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Nelson explains his plan to the United Nations

Persuaded he holds the unique solution to the problem, he puts cape to the archipelago of the Marianne, outstripping the authorization of the President of the United States. Since this strategic site, the shooting will have to take place in sixteen days to allow the best efficiency. But magnetic perturbations prevent all communication and despite all their efforts and an attempt to communicate via transatlantic cable, they do not succeed in joining the White House. Nelson and his crew have then to confront bad dangers such as sabotage, mutiny, murder and encounter with a giant octopus. More, the crew learns that it has been ordered to all submarines crossing meadow the Seaview to sink her… and you know what?, a submarine approaches…

Commander Crane and Admiral Nelson - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Commander Crane and Admiral Nelson
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

In order to escape the multiples torpedo launched against the Seaview, Nelson orders to dive the lowest possible. The enemy being conceived in a more fragile manner, finishes by being pulverized under the effect of the very high pressure. But while Nelson is on the point to launch the missile, he has to face a new series of events that risk to compromise his project. Susan Hiller sabotages the nuclear reactor and Miguel Alvarez, a civilian saved from the north Pole waters threatens by religious conviction to make the ship explode if the missile is launched. Thanks to the intervention of the Commander Lee Crane, the missile will finally be fired. It will confirm all calculations realized by the brilliant Admiral Nelson who was right. The Earth is saved.