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In an apocalyptic future, some children are conditioned and trained since their youngest age to become elite soldiers, real killing machines. Thanks to the science progress and particularly of the genetics, a new generation of fighters soon supersedes the "Soldiers". During a demonstration orchestrated by the Colonel Mekum, defender of this new type of soldier, the Sergeant Todd, representing the preceding generation, confronts one of the prototypes, Caine 607. The verdict makes no doubt...

Soldiers vs. new geneticaly modified soldiers - Soldier
Soldiers vs. new geneticaly modified soldiers

Left for dead, the valorous soldier wakes up on board a garbage freighter that pours its entrailss on the rubbish planet Arcadie 234. Casualty, Todd is rapidly taken and nursed by people aground here twelve years ago and left to the desertion while they were directing to the Trinity Moons. Ahead this family and child community, the Sergeant is going to find back life and senses of values.

Todd is welcomed by the inhabitants of Arcadie 234 - Soldier
Todd is welcomed by the inhabitants of Arcadie 234

But his extreme warrior conditionning runs against him. Too dangerous for them, the peaceful people wishes him to leave. They provide him foods and clothes before abandonnig him on the hostile planet. Nevertheless, Mace, an important man understands that gestures he was reproached were badly interpreted. Regretting the decision, Mace decides to find back and to return the exile man among them. But a spaceship containing a commando "new generation" lands on the planet.

It is for them a first fighting evaluation aptitude mission. Arcadie 234 being depopulated, all unknown encounter has to be eliminated. Under the commandment of the Colonel Mekum, the commando attacks the camp and kills systematically all those who cross their way. But Todd instinctively takes their defense...

Sergeant Todd - Soldier
Sergeant Todd
Caine 607 - Soldier
Caine 607
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Well decided to get rid of Mekum's men, the sniper eliminates one after another all the elements of the commando ending by Caine 607, the one he was confronted and deadly beaten some months ago. Ahead his impotence, Mekum deposits to the surface of the little garbage planet a bomb that is going to destroy it. With the assistance of his ancient comrades of arm who join Todd, the infamous Colonel Mekum is to its tour abandoned on the planet that explodes. Under his murderous soldier coldness, Todd finally demonstrates a lot of humanity while he drives the people of Arcadie to their pimary destination; the Trinity Moons.