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Gil Mars, the director of Globotech Technologies, a multinational whose main mission is to design new systems of armament is in search of a new intelligent and autonomous toy for his toy department. Engineers Irwin Wayfair and Larry Benson hurried by time granted get via the Globotech Defense Department a pack of rejected microprocessors that were dedicated to intelligent missiles, those one being permeable to magnetic radiations.

New toys for Globotech Technologies - Small Soldiers
New toys for Globotech Technologies

Irwin Wayfair and Larry Benson create therefore two kind of clever toys. The Gorgonites -- a peaceful people in the search of the lost island of Gorgon, their imaginary homeland -- and the Commando Elite, a military group whose unique goal is to destroy at any cost the Gorgonite's race. Moved by an inexhaustible atomic pile, this new revolution in autonomous toys should have made the fortune of Globotech Technologies and its director Gil Mars.

Christy and Alan - Small Soldiers
Christy and Alan

Stuart Abernathy, holds a toys shop for the most conventional in which all military form is banished. But the few enthusiasm for classic toys vows the shop to an imminent closing down. In secret, in the hope to relaunch the activity, Alan, Stuart's son, gets some copies of these new toys before that they are officially put on the market. He closes the shop, taking with him Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites and leaves in their wrapping the other Gorgonites and Commandos Elite.

Ready for action - Small Soldiers
Ready for action

But during the night, in the shop, the Commando Elite forms and seeks for the Gorgonites. The following day, the shop is devastated. Nevertheless, the Gorgonites are still "alive". They have fled and hidden in a garbage. Alan recuperates them and returns them at his home. But the Commando Elite that has noticed the "rabble Gorgonite" take position in his neighbors's house. Requisitioning a filled truck of these new revolutionary toys, it is now a hundred of Commandos that circle the Abernathy's home, well decided to make equally pay humans for their treachery...

Hands up ! - Small Soldiers
Hands up !
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Fed up to always be the losers, the Gorgonites finally exit their hide-outs and are well decided to fight by human's sides. Only a high magnetic field can destroy to demonic toys and their microprocessors. After a hard battle in which Alan in endangered with the Commando Elite's chief, the Major Chip Hazard, Alan, helped by Archer make explode electrical transformers. As a result, it spreads a magnetic field destroying instantaneously all the toys. Fortunately, our friend Gorgonites have a better end. In the fight, the neighbor's satellite antanea came on them, creating a kind of Faraday cage, a shield allowing them to remain "alive". Happy to have finally reversed the order of things, Archer and his peaceful companions leave to the quest of their Gorgon nation.

Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites - Small Soldiers
Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites