The Story

Quinn Mallory, young student in the University of California, experiments a machine that he believes to be anti-gravity. After sending several objects through the tunnel opened by his machine, Quinn decides to cross the vortex to discover what hides the other side... Back in his basement, he meets his double, who has succeeded in solving for him the equation of the interdimensional trip. He explains him that it is easily possible to slip through a multitude of parallel world, sometimes completely different from the origininal one ! Wade and the Professor meet him in his basement where they discover the "Genious" repairing the timer. All three decide to jump in the tunnel. But the vortex displaces and "swallows" the singer Rembrandt Brown who was peacefully driving his Cadillac... In their world of arrival, some strange details begin to worry them : the statue in the park is not representing Abraham Lincoln, but Lénine !

Slide to another alternate Earth - Sliders
Slide to another alternate Earth

So, the Sliders "slide" from parallel world to parallel world by jumping in an artificial tunnel called "wormhole". They have no control on the world they will arrive and cannot decide how long they'll remain there. This information is given them by the "timer", an ingenious machine that indicates them how long they must remain before the next slide. If they miss an opportunity to slide, the next hole will not open before 29 years.

Sliders is a science-fiction series composed of 45 minutes long episodes. The show follows a group of adventurers who travel from one parallel world to another one, trying to find their way back to their own Earth. Along theses episodes, they cross similar worlds to ours whose histories diverged from our own at some point in the past.

Sliders first aired on the Fox Network in March 1995 and ran for three seasons. Then the series was cancelled by Fox after 48 episodes. Fortunately it was imediatly picked up by Sci-Fi Channel to provide two more seasons for a total of 88 episodes.

The Sliders - Sliders
The Sliders

Among our parallel world adventurers, Quinn Mallory, a physics student, is the investigator of the sad discovery. With him, Rembrandt Brown, a singer who slipped by accident and Maggie Beckett who started sliding in persuit of the man who had killed her husband. Soon these three will be joined by Colin Mallory a brother of Quinn's from an alternate Earth.

The Sliders have visited over a hundred different worlds in their travels. They've found a world where Great Britain still rules the Americas (Prince of Wails) and a world where the United States is itself a monarchy (The Prince of Slides).

They've found a world where corporate lawyers are literally hired guns (The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy) and a world where geniuses, not athletes, are celebrities (Eggheads). They've come across two worlds where dinosaurs never went extinct (In Dino Veritas and Dinoslide) and a world where an ice age has left North America in ruins (Pilot)...