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Brecca is the last defense line of a war that began 99 years ago against Obsidian. Its population is young and starving. In this war the adolescents are largely employed in youth squadrons. There is also specialized units in cyber-computering called the "Witches" who help the soldiers ont the warfield.

General Murran - For the Cause
General Murran

Breccans are governed by the General Murran. Fed up with this war that they are on the way to lose, he imagines a plan that could restore the peace definitively. Thanks to "Warhammer", an ancient arm recently stolen to a rebel group, he wants to oblige the Obsidian army to negotiate. If he places it to the center of the enemy city, he will inhibate its defense system. Decided to lead himself the operation at the head of a commando, he makes call two of his best soldiers, the sergeant Sutherland and the class 5 fighting programmer Abel, a witch. Accompanied by Stoner and the witch Layton, Sutherland and Abel are going to escort the General for this mission.

Abel, class 5 fighting programer - For the Cause
Abel, class 5 fighting programer

The commando is deposited out of the Breccan territory and directs to a rebel trenched camp that shelters a laking piece necessary for the good functioning of the Warhammer. On their way, the team gains Evans, a Murran's faithful friend held captive and on the way to be executed by rebels.

Although the mission is a success, Stoner finds death in strange circumstances.

Rebel camp - For the Cause
Rebel camp

The operation continues near the impassable Obsidian barrier. Only a single passage allows to cross this immense barrier and Evans is the only one who knows it. But in this new test, Evans finds death his tour, killed by Layton, also responsible for Stoner's death. Near the Obsidian frontier, Abel takes Layton on the fact when she attempts to sabotage her programming consoles...

Sutherland - For the Cause
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

The group arrives near the Obsidian city. They are awaited by Breccan sympathizers who help them to enter. But while Abel suspects something, Murran orders the infiltrated militants to kill Sutherland then programs the Warhammer to inihilate everything 25 km around. Abel and Sutherland understand that the weapon is only a huge bomb that will leave no chance to civilians and partisans of Brecca, a necessary sacrifice to the eyes of the General Murran whose objective has no price.

By uniting their efforts, Sutherland and Abel put an end to the life of the general and to his cause before to be noticed by the soldiers of Obsidian. To save the peace, Sutherland masks the truth and make believe that their group ordered by the defunct General Murran came to put an end to the supporters of Obsidian that attempted to destroy the city thanks to the Warhammer. This lie costs them all honors and announces a new peace era after a devastating war millennium.