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After killing Captain James, a man takes the identity of his victim and dresses a spacesuit before flying away on board a shuttle in direction of station Saturn 3. Installed on one of the satellite of the giant planet, Saturn 3 is an experimental station of food search directed by Major Adam and Alex, his pretty partner and assistant.

Welcome on Saturn 3 - Saturn 3
Welcome on Saturn 3

The Earth is dying of hunger, and the technical facts carried out by the two scientists are not fast enough. That's the reason why was sent Captain James, or rather that's why arrives Captain Benson. This last transports all the necessary hardware to build a new robot able to develop the researches more quickly. Mechanics apart, Benson also transports a cylinder containing a blank brain without any information in, ready to be programmed.

Alex wants to belong only to Adam - Saturn 3
Alex wants to belong only to Adam

While an eclipse makes impossible any communication with the outside for a duration of 22 days, Adam and Alex see with a bad eye the arrival of the Captain. Indeed, if this one manages to build his robot, that means that there will be no more place for Adam on the

station, more especially as this last has reached the limit age. Moreover the Captain, feels like the astonishing body of Alex he would like to "use"; a common practice on Earth. But Alex refuses such a compromising, pretexting to belong only to Major Adam.

The Captain introduces Hector - Saturn 3
The Captain introduces Hector

The Captain finishes the assembly of the robot. This one names Hector and is 2,50 meters heigh. He begins its programming by direct transmission. A probe inserted in a device present behind the nape of the neck of the programmer makes it possible for Hector to analyze his thoughts. But, the brain of the Captain not being of the purest, the defects of him are reflected in the report of the robot. Filled up with luxure thoughts, Hector attacks Axel. Completely identified to the Captain, it sees the assistant of Adam such as the Captain sees her; attracting, delicious and wishes to get her. The murderer instinct inculcated to the robot plays in the discredit of the humans and this one quickly becomes unverifiable. Entering into a destroying madness, the robot kills the Captain.

Adam and Alex escape - Saturn 3
Adam and Alex escape

Adam and Axel try to escape him. But the monster of flesh and metal does not seem to give up. After a race in the maze of the station's corridors, Adam ends up trapping Hector, giving them a little time to try to escape onboard the Captain's shuttle. Unfortunately, this one explodes before they arrive there; it seems that Hector became Master of the station...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

The escape is impossible and Hector manages to capture the fugitives. Its goal, to scan memory of Adam with whom it established a system of direct transmission with him. Well decided not to leave Alex between his hands, Adam, armed with explosives, sacrifice himself and involved with him the robot which will finish shredded in a pit.

As had wished Major Adam and as he promised it to her, Alex leaves Saturn 3, to discover the Earth, a planet she never came in.