The Story

A suspenseful and touching new drama that blends science fiction with the alienation of young adulthood, this genre-bending one hour series comes from writer/executive producer Jason Katims ("Relativity,", "My So-Called Life") and director/executive producer David Nutter ("The X-Files,", "Disturbing Behavior").


In the tiny, but notorious, southwestern town of Roswell, New Mexico, teenagers Liz Parker and Max Evans forge an otherworldly connection when he saves her life while risking his own. In this sleepy town, Liz waits table at her father's Crashdown Cafe and, when an argument between customers erupts into violence, Liz is caught in the crossfire, and shot. Max, a fellow classmate at Roswell High, puts aside a lifelong pact of secrecy and mysteriously heals Liz's gunshot wound with the touch of his hand.

Tess, Michael, Max and Isabel - Roswell
Tess, Michael, Max and Isabel

Liz's whole world comes crashing down when she learns that Max, his sister Isabel Evans and his friend Michael Guerin are surviving descendants from beings on board the fiery crash of an alien spacecraft that popular legend says plummeted to the desert in 1947. Since emerging from incubation, the three teenagers have grown up quietly among the Roswell residents, experiencing firsthand all the emotions that come with life on Earth and the struggles of adolescence.

Soulful and vulnerable, Max has been secretly infatuated with Liz since childhood, but always remained at a distance.

Liz, meanwhile, was forever changed in the instant Max brought her back to life and the intimacy between the two of them is both frightening and thrilling.  Ultimately, his life - and his heart - are in her hands.

In saving Liz's life, Max not only exposes himself but also Isabel and Michael to the risk of their identities being discovered.  Now the extraterrestrial trio must learn to trust Liz and her flighty best friend Maria De Luca in order to stay one step ahead of local officials and the FBI. Leading the charge is Sheriff Valenti, who is driven by a very personal need to expose the truth about what happened that fateful night in 1947.

Max Evans - Roswell
Max Evans

Putting the teens in heightened danger is their overriding need to discover the truth themselves- about who or what they are, and where their home might be.  The revelation that there was one of their own still alive on Earth after the crash gives new hope of gaining understanding.  Bound together by the unbelievable secret they share, the fact that Max, Isabel and Michael's lives are at stake every day will always be an invisible line dividing them from Liz and Maria.  

On the outside of this tight inner circle is Alex Whitman, Liz and Maria's best friend from childhood who is confused and deeply hurt when he is left out of their secrets for the first time, and Kyle Valenti, Liz's steady boyfriend and the sheriff's son.

Developed by Katims, who serves as executive producer along with David Nutter, Jonathan Frakes, Kevin Kelly Brown and Lisa J. Olin, the series is based on the "Roswell High" series of books written by Melinda Metz, and is produced by Jason Katims Productions in association with Regency Television and Twentieth Century Fox Television. The series is composed of 3 seasons and 61 episodes. It was first aired on Oct 6, 1999 on U.S. "WB" Chanel.

Isabel Evans - Roswell
Isabel Evans