The Revenge of Frankenstein

(The Revenge of Frankenstein)

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In the year 1860, Baron Frankenstein was condemned to death for the brutal murders committed by the monster he had created... The whole continent breathed a sigh of relief when the guillotine was called upon to end his life of infamy. But what didn't knew, was that a priest had been guillotined in his place and Frankenstein returned in the little city of Carlsbruck and continued to exert his profession and his researches under the identity of Doctor Victor Stein...

Victor Stein alias Frankenstein - The Revenge of Frankenstein
Victor Stein alias Frankenstein

In Carlsbruck, Doctor Stein has forged a solid reputation. But it displeases the members of the consul of doctors to whom he diverted a good part of their clientele. Except his classic consultations, Frankenstein is equally volunteer for the poorest and passes a good part of his time in the hospice of the city, an ideal place suppling in human pieces of any kind. So as to invite him to join in the order of the doctors, the consul sends him a delegation. Victor Stein refuses the offer. But among the little group, a man, the Doctor Hans Kleve, recognizes Baron Frankenstein.

This one, avid of knowledge, wishes to become the pupil of the greatest physician of the world and proposes to the Baron to become his collaborator. Frankenstein accepts so that his real identity is not endangered. He shows him his laboratory and the experiences he is leading. Hans also meet the body of a multi-pieces man ready for receiving a brain transplantation. The donor is a volunteer. It concerns Karl, the assistance of the Baron Frankenstein, a gnome that no longer supports his physical deformations. Vowing a whole confidence to his master, he accepts that the scientist transfers his brain in the cranium of the man that, despite a perfect perfection, has been completly built.

Hans sees Frankenstein's creature - The Revenge of Frankenstein
Hans sees Frankenstein's creature

After a successful operation, the body of the new Karl is transferred in a maid bedroom above the hospice. But Margaret Conrad, the minister's daughter who works there discovers Karl despite precautions taken by Frankentsein and Kleve in order to keep their creation secret. She inadvertently allows to facilitate the escape of Karl who precipitates in the laboratory of the scientist. After having incinerated his ancient body, he escapes following a mortal struggle with the Janitor. But the degeneration of Karl is announced and his physics begins to degrade...

Karl says the identity of the Baron - The Revenge of Frankenstein
Karl says the identity of the Baron
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Taken by panic and not knowing where to go, he runs at Margaret Conrad's home where her powerful family organizes an important reception. When he sees Victor Stein, Karl throws on him and implores with high voice to the Baron Frankenstein to come to his assistance before to die. Frankenstein is unmasked. Despite his denial, he loses all his clientele and is finally fought to death by his patients of the hospice. In an ultimate effort, Hans renews the experience of his mentor and transfers the brain of Frankenstein in a new body. The police that can only testimony the death of the most criminal of the scientists does not doubt that now, the Doctor Franck exerts the medicine in London with his collaborator, the Doctor Hans Kleve.