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Back to the Future

(Back to the Future)

 The Story

Martin 'marty' Mac Fly is a common young man, stemming from a middle family of the USA. Its scholastic level is average and he is fascinated for music, dreaming to be professional guitarist.

Marty playing "Johnny B.Goode" in 1955 - Back to the Future
Marty playing "Johnny B.Goode" in 1955

The day his friend, the eccentric 'doc' Emmet Brown proposes him to try his last invention, Marty still ignores he is going to embark in extraordinary adventures. Indeed, while Marty and Doc are loading the car/machine to travel threw time, a group of terrorists (to which the doctor Brown manufactured a false nuclear bomb under threats) arrive to punish the scientist who stole them their plutonium. Marty sees doc being killed and has a unique surviving chance to leave with the car. Doing this, he triggers the machine and finds humself in 1955, even before his birth.

Doc and Marty - Back to the Future
Doc and Marty

The destiny puts him in front of his mother, before she meet his father. In fact, the irony is such that Marty steals without wanting it the place of his father in Lorraine's heart. He quickly understands that he has to make Lorraine and Georges marry, otherwise he will never be born and will disappear.

Georges Mac Fly being a young timid and a bit crazy man, a science-fiction fan, Marty schemes to throw him into arms of his future mother.

Doc Brown plays as Harold Lloyd - Back to the Future
Doc Brown plays as Harold Lloyd

After many adventures, he foments a plan to unite them at the end year party, while seeking a means to leave back to his period with the assistance of a doc Brown almost identical to his, 30 years later. The 1955' doc Brown being unable to provide plutonium to undertake the back trip, uses a subterfuge...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Everyone knows, that in 1985 the thunderbolt knocked the church of the city the evening of the end year party in 1955. Doc so announces that it will be necessary to catch the thunderbolt to generate the necessary power in order that the machine returns Marty in 1985. Once this done, Marty finds back his almost identical world, except some positive details...

Marty meets his future mom - Back to the Future
Marty meets his future mom