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In the beginning of the 21st century, Umbrella Corporation is the most powerful commercial entity of the United States. Last nine home out of ten are equipped with its products. Its political and financial influence is omnipresent. For the public, it is the first supplier of data-processing products, medical products, medical care. Even its employees are unaware that its enormous profits comes from military technology, of genetic experimentation and viral weapons.

Ont of them, the awful virus "T", has just been stolen by a terrorist in the "Hive" protected laboratories protected, the center of Umbrella experimental research center, hidden several hundred meters deep under the town of Raccoon City. Voluntarily, he releases the virus that propagates at once in the air conduits, not without first carriing the single flasks of anti-virus available. Consequently, in order not to extend the epidemy, the "Red Queen", the Hive's central computer which controls each access, locks any passage towards the outside and kills hundreds of men and women who work there.

Entering the Red Queen - Resident Evil
Entering the Red Queen

Alice vanished suddenly under her shower. When she regains consciousness, she does not remember any more neither where she is, nor whom she is. Then a intervention team makes a muscular irruption in her apartments, captures her, so as a certain Matt Addison, also there. The commandos came to neutralize the Red Queen and their chief makes them a statement on the situation: Alice learns she works, like them, for Umbrella. Under a false cover, her mission was to protect the mansion, a beautiful house which hides the secret urgency access to the Hive. Their amnesic state is temporary. It was started by a gas neurotoxic released by the system of defense of the underground center.

The commando, its prisoner and Alice borrow the "train", a railway vehicle which makes possible to join the Hive and discover there Spencer Parks, the other Umbrella agent, Alice fellow-member, also amnesic. Arrived in front of the access hopper to the "Red Queen", an asleep system of defense made up of multiple laser beams cuts out three of the commando members without leaving them any chance. The lethal trap neutralized, the survivors apply the computer a powerful energy load which reinit this ultramodern artificial intelligence. All the condemned accesses are re-opened to release... an army of living-dead who attack the team.

Alice, a hard woman - Resident Evil
Alice, a hard woman

In the room of the Red Queen where they were cut off, the supercomputer reveals them the effects of the virus to them. The Biohazard weapon has for effect to reactivate the bodies of the dead. The subjects preserve only the most elementary moving functions and are animated by basic impulses and the most vital needs: to eat. Only one bite is enough to be one of theirs. As the armoured door, which separates the access from the complex to the mansion, threatens to close in one hour, begins then a long race against the time to join surface as soon as possible.

Resistance - Resident Evil

If the way is sown of traps, it also makes possible to understand some facts. Thus, Alice discovers that Matt was part of an organization decided to burst the truth on Umbrella illegal researches. The memories returning, she understands she also was about to clandestinely steal a stock of virus for this same organization.

Whereas the ammunition are limited, the survivors must face famished hordes of zombies. Worse, a horrible monster, created of all parts by the genetics and driven by the virus "T" escapes from its cage and enters the dance. When they discover that Spencer is the terrorist who started the epidemy, this one escapes and joined the train alone where he hid the antidote flasks...

Surprise! - Resident Evil
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

This alone adventure will be dramatic for him. The Umbrella's beast kills him. After a long fight against this genetic thing, Alice and Matt are now the only survivors to regain the mansion, the bag containing the antidote in hand. While Matt is suddenly victim of a mutation generated by the deep scratches of the monster, an intervention medic team emerges. Matt is taken along and Alice is placed despite her in quarantine under strict medical control. Kidnapped in a large clean room and with a lot of electrodes, Alice escapes and discovers the nightmare... Raccoon City felt in the living-dead hands. The virus finally widespread on Earth.