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 The Story

Year 2054. In a labyrinthal Paris where any move is controlled and filmed, Ilona Tasuiev, a young scientist envied by all for her beauty and her intelligence, is kidnaped. Avalon, the enterprise that employs her forces Karas, controversed policeman, specialized in kidnapping businesses, to find as quickly as possible the disapeared woman. Soon, Karas feels a presence in his wake. He is not the only one Ilona's steps and his followers seem to be ready for all to outstrip him. Finding Ilona becomes a life-or-death matter : the young woman is the risk of an occult war that exceeds her. She is the key of a protocol implicating the future of the human genre. The Renaissance protocol...


DoctorSF's Words

French science-fiction cinema sometimes comes in when no one waits for it. RENAISSANCE is a project that started in 1999 with the meeting of 5 talents with complementary and various skills : producer Aton Soumache, director Christian Volckman, 3D pioneer Mark Miance and scriptwriter Alexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte. They have in common youth and the will to drive to the end an outstanding project.


Of course the originality of this film will not escaped anybody. It concerns 3D graphic images of a particular tone only conceived around black and white, making out of it a narration tool for a timeless story. The technique of the Motion Capture (recently used in THE POLE EXPRESS by Robert Zemeckis - 2004) allowing to give much more credibility to the characarters, the story and the design, totally overlapped, have evolved together. "We ran in parallel tracks, creating permanent bridges between literary and graphic universe.", explains Matthieu Delaporte.

When American productions dives us into the US megapoles, it was normal that this adventure was situated in a futuristic Paris. The idea was to make out of it the equal of the BLADE RUNNER's Los Angeles, a universe that stimulates the imaginary while being coherent and believable.


Depending of the periods, between 45 and 170 persons worked on this great project opening the way to others media : Christian Volckman : « For many of us, RENAISSANCE world was fed up with the Comics universe, and, once the film shot, it appeared that it would be interesting to renew with these sources. We put to work again and we have adapted the story of RENAISSANCE for the comic strip, from captured images of the film. Then, from our fruitful meeting with Casterman (a comics publisher) is also born a book "making of" that will answer, we hope, to the numerous questions that we were asked concerning the creation of this film.»