Reign of Fire

(Reign of Fire)

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London, today. The young Quinn Abercromby accompanies his mother on a yard. She supervises the construction of tunnels for the new underground. During the digging, a wall collapses, revealing a strange cave. Quinn enters in and quickly understands that he is in danger. He escapes while an immense fire column escapes the hole and kills everybody around. A dragon then gushes from the tunnel. The boy assists, petrified, to this tragic event and to the death of his mother who was protecting him.

Twenty later years, in 2024, the world lives terrified by the beast and its offspring. Dragons reign in masters on a ruined planet where each human is for them a possible piece of meat. Leading a little community trenched in a fortified castle, Quinn attempts to survive. Each one keep an eye on the sky, fearing to see a gigantic winged shade deepen on him. But the fight seems lost in advance. Cutted out of the world for years, it is with distrust that Quinn sees Van Zan arriving, a military american. The man, accompanied by the very beautiful Alex and an elite squad, claims to know the ways to get definitively rid of the dragons.

Quinn don't like the arrival of Van Zan - Reign of Fire
Quinn don't like the arrival of Van Zan

He claims it and he proves it. With his team, they make a successful demonstration of the killing of a dragon that spreads terror around the castle and the little community. But the hunting party makes victims and the prey is once more a female. Indeed, Van Zan is looking for the male.

According to the sayings, it exists an unique male, the alone parent of the new dominant race on Earth. If he could destroy the beast, the world would be able to recover. The former hides in London, ravaged city delivered to dragons. Despite the knowledge that has Quinn of the city and the den of the dragon, he refuses to be committed in a struggle lost in advance and repels the invitation of the american to join them.

Alex - Reign of Fire

Van Zan leads therefore and alone his convoy to London. But the beast, makes only a butchers of the 200 men who left and both Van Zan and Alex exit safe the expedition. Back, they arrive just in time to help the little community jailed in the basements of the castle that the beast completely destroyed. The famous male dragon, to the astounding larger size than the other females had followed the traces of the convoy to ascend until its starting point...

Van zan, Alex and Quinn enter in London - Reign of Fire
Van zan, Alex and Quinn enter in London
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

Having no other choice, Quinn, who is the only to know where, in the entrailss of the London underground, nests the beast, accepts to help the two to attempt to kill it. Quinn, Alec and Van Zan enter in London, infested by hungry dragons that begin to devour one another. Thanks to a well prepared attack plan and by joining their efforts, the three overcome the monster. But the price to pay is heavy and to restore the Earth's freedom, as his men, Van Zan had to give his life.