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Planet of the Vampires

(Terrore nello spazio)

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Two Terrian spaceships, the Argos under the commandment of Captain Mark Markary and the Galyot under the commandment of Captain Solas receive a signal from planet Aura. Suddenly victim of the gravitation's speed increase, crew members of the Argos vanish while the spaceship lands on the planet. When they wake up, the crew members become mad and begin to fight each other to death before to resume their mind thanks to the intervention of the Captain. But the vessel cannot take off. A short-circuit in the battery feeds the curiosity of the events.

The Argos crew - Planet of the Vampires (Terrore nello spazio)
The Argos crew

When they notice that the Galyot has equally landed on the planet, Wess, Sanya, Melvin, Dr. Karan and Mark go in expedition to join it. At their great stupefaction, the Galyot crew had less chance than them. The murderess madness that equally propagated in the spaceship made a great number of victims and no survivors are found.

Suddenly, Melvin who was keeping the entrance of the ship disappears. More worrisome fact, the bodies of the crew members also disappear. Not feeling in security, all leave back to the Argos. They learn that the planet is unstable and is going to burst out in three days. Other strange events are going to happen. Something takes Wess's control and oblige him to sabotage the ship; Irma sees deceased member of the crew looking like zombies, as Burt whose tomb effectively seems empty.

First steps on the planet of terror - Planet of the Vampires (Terrore nello spazio)
First steps on the planet of terror

The Captain Solas and Brian appear again. After having stolen an essential feature of the spaceship to return to Earth, Solas explains...

 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

An entity has taken his body and the other members. It belongs to a race that is dying and that borrows human bodies. Their technology does not allow them to construct their own vessels to escape and they covet therefore the Argos and the Galyot in order to leave to the Earth so as to colonize the planet. Mark refuses to submit and promises to make the spaceship explode if the formers attempt to apply their plan.

Poor victims are burried - Planet of the Vampires (Terrore nello spazio)
Poor victims are burried

Sanya and Mark fly to the assault of the Galyot invested by living dead more and more numerous so as to take the stolen feature back. While the planet becomes increasingly unstable, they succeed to escape with the capital mechanism. The Argos takes off but with a quiet reduced crew. On the eighteen members of the crew they are now only three survivors : Wess, Mark and Sanya. But these two last are unfortunately infected. Wess notices it in time and destroys the feature before to die. Unfortunately for the humanity, the act will not be sufficient to stop the two creatures that have stolen Mark and Sanya's bodies to direct to the little blue planet.

Will the Earth be saved ? - Planet of the Vampires (Terrore nello spazio)
Will the Earth be saved ?