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Year 3040. Medical student Driscoll Rampart is given his internship on Rusta to finish his medical school thesis. Rusta is a planet that has no revolution around it's sun and knows neither dawn nor dusk. It is divided into two parts separated by a gigantic wall. One side is the world of darkness in which lives a medieval world and the other side is the world of light that shelters people with a Victorian style and where the weather is regulated by strange spheres in suspension. A civil war had torn the two worlds but today an agreement of peace is on the point of being signed by both sides of the wall, light and dark.

Osh, the jail keeper - White Dwarf
Osh, the jail keeper

In his new functions, Rampart meets the doctor Akada, a tutor who is going to help him to discover the secrets of this planet and the sensitivity of its residents. Rampart is also going to learn to know and to like the patients of the hospital of the world of the light; the orphans, Xaxa and Xuxu and Never, who possesses the power to take the appearance of any living being. On this strange planet, he is going to meet Governor Twist who rules over the world of light and also the director of the prison, the alien Osh, who holds Lady X, a 500 years old princess condemned to the eternal life.

Dr. Akada - White Dwarf
Dr. Akada

One day, the David, a eunuch group authorized to pass the frontier comes to inform Akada and Driscoll that the King Joist of the kingdom of darkness is ill. In fact he has been infected by a parasite voluntarily introduced by his future son-in-law the lieutenant Strake...

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Despite their rapid intervention, the King dies and Strake who does not wish peace between the two kingdoms, now controls the palace. But the princess Ariel, the King's daughter, with the help of Osh, arrest him. He is condemned to immortality, the maximum punishment.

Nevertheless the peace is signed between the princess Ariel and the Governor Twist. Driscoll whose school internship ends returns on Earth. He will come back to Rusta one year later by pure nostalgia of this world where mix human and aliens, good and evil, dreams and reality, darkness and red sea, war and peace, sickness and health. A planet outside of common...

Visit of the planet Rusta - White Dwarf
Visit of the planet Rusta