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2050: The Earth is near asphyxiation. The only solution to save the humanity is to colonize another planet. Alpha Prime, seems to be the nearest livable planet that a ten years trip separates from the Earth. John Robinson, an eminent scientist, is designated to open a hyper-tunnel; space-time tunnel which will able to evacuate the whole humanity at the speed of light in a sure way. Pioneers of this colonization, the Robinson family, Maureen, Judy, Will and Penny embarks on board the vessel Jupiter 2 piloted by Major Don West, a fighter pilot of exception.

Will is the master of "Robot" - Lost in Space
Will is the master of "Robot"

But the forces of the Global Sedition, also decided to access Alpha Prime, send the terrible spy Doctor Smith to sabotage the mission. This one infiltrates on board Jupiter 2 and reprograms the control robot to destroy the vessel sixteen hours after its takeoff.

Unfortunately for him, his ordering partners manage to let him on board at the time of takeoff.

After a departure without problems, the "robot" starts to sow destruction. Smith, prisoner of Jupiter 2, manages to extirpate the crew from the cryogenic boxes. Will Robinson, as a little genius of data processing and robotics succeeds in stopping the devastating robot. But the damages are made and Jupiter 2 is attracked by the sun gravitation. The only solution to escape it is to launch the hyper-drives which offers the "light" disadvantage to uncontrol the final destination of the jump. Lost in space, the crew finds itself close to a planet where appears a temporal hole in which is a ghost ship; the Proteus.

Will uses the "Robot" holograph interface - Lost in Space
Will uses the "Robot" holograph interface

The Proteus is a human vessel, but, although abandonned, it seems to come from the future. Inside, the crew will face a cloud of blood thirsty biomechanical spiders that wound Doctor Smith. Hurried back into the Jupiter 2 West gives an end to the vermin and destroys the Proteus. The explosion projects their ship toward the planet below.

After a crash landing, they discover a new temporal bubble. This one contains in its center a radioactive element necessary to the take off of the spaceship. John Robinson and Don West enter there, closely followed Doctor Smith and Will, his hostage. What they discover there is amazing...

Dr. Zachary Smith and Will Robinson - Lost in Space
Dr. Zachary Smith and Will Robinson
 Spoiler ! the end of the story is revealed below…

In this bubble live William Robinson and Doctor Smith, about twenty years older. Will finally succeeded in manufacturing his time machine that Smith, transformed into a true monster having generated a new race of spiders because of his wound twenty years earlier, covets to infect the Earth.

Once more saved by Will and his influence on "robot" and thanks to the sacrifice of William Robinson for his family, they manage to get rid of the spiderman and Jupiter 2 escapes attraction from the unstable planet which blows out. Thanks to the cards downloaded on the Proteus, the Robinson family puts finally course towards Alpha Prime.

The Robinson family is "Lost in Space" - Lost in Space
The Robinson family is "Lost in Space"
Major Don West piloting the "Jupiter 2" - Lost in Space
Major Don West piloting the "Jupiter 2"