Odyssey 5

(Odyssey 5)

 The Story

ODYSSEY 5 begins as an orbiting space shuttle crew witnesses a catastrophic event on Earth. As they lie near death, an enormous spacecraft scoops them up. The crew wake up to find themselves alive, much to their surprise. However, even more surprising is the alien who greets them, a being who calls himself The Seeker (Sir John Neville). The Seeker has been traveling through the universe looking for life. What he's found instead is world after world destroyed in the same way the Earth was. In fact, the members of the crew are the first survivors he's found. Even more shocking is his belief that the Earth's fate is still in question. The Seeker offers to send them back in time to try and prevent the disaster. Through alien technology, they are able to return home to their lives as they were five years earlier -- yet with the knowledge of what's ahead and with all the memories of those intervening years. As they struggle with this new reality, they discover that all bets are off: history might not necessarily repeat itself. They have only five years to determine the mysterious force that can destroy Earth and stop it ... and for better or worse, they now have the ability not only to save mankind, but to alter the course of their own lives.

Commander Chuck Taggart - Odyssey 5
Commander Chuck Taggart

ODYSSEY 5 is executive produced by Manny Coto ("Star Kid," "Dr. Giggles," "Tales from the Crypt") from a script which he wrote. David Carson ("Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "Northern Exposure," "From the Earth to the Moon") directed the premiere. The creative executive for Showtime is Randy Runkle. The creative executive for Columbia TriStar Domestic Television is Ron Taylor.
Commander Chuck Taggart is played by Peter Weller, well known for his character as Robocop.

The series is composed of one season of 20 episodes of one hour. 95 minute long series premiere movie. It was first aired in the United States on Showtime on 21st Jun 2002.


The Odyssey space shuttle crew is composed of commander Chuck Taggart, an ex combat pilot and a twenty six year NASA veteran, Angela Perry the Odyssey's mission pilote, Sarah Forbes a journalist and the current anchor at CNT, Cable News Network, Kurt Mendel a Nobel Prize winning geneticist and the author of several best-sellers books of science facts and Neil Taggart, Chuck Taggart's son and at age 22 is the youngest astronaut on record.


Milan Cheylov, Ken Girotti,Terry Ingram, George Mendeluk, Jim Michaels, Adam J. Shully, Bryan Spicer, David Straiton, Peter Weller, Stephen Williams, David Winkler, Randall Zisk