Mutant X

(Mutant X)

 The Story

The government organization, Genomex, secretly manipulated the DNA of hundreds of unsuspecting humans with uncontrolled consequences. As a result of these genetic manipulations, a group of these humans now possesses extraordinary powers. Adam Kane, the researcher originally in charge of the project, has escaped Genomex to create a team called "Mutant X" composed of four new mutants: Brennan, Emma, Shalimar and Jesse. Their mission is to seek out all new mutants and help them to find a normal life. But this is no simple task; Genomex is after them...

Shalimar Fox, the feline - Mutant X
Shalimar Fox, the feline

The leader of "Mutant X" is Adam Kane, a brilliant scientist who formerly led the governmental project that created the "Children of Genomex". Guilt-ridden over his role in inflicting suffering upon beings, he is now leading a crusade to find and protect the mutants. Unlike Professor X from "X-Men", he does not possess a training school, nor does he have any mutant powers. He shelters "Mutant X" in the "Sanctuary", a wonderful quiet and high-tech garden within Stormking Mountain.

The Mutant X team has four members. Shalimar Fox (a.k.a. Shadowfox) has genes combined with feline DNA, affording her enhanced speed, flexibility, strength, and senses. Jesse Kilmartin (a.k.a. Synergy) possesses the ability to control his molecular density, allowing him to pass through solid objects like walls, or to stop bullets. Emma DeLauro (a.k.a. Rapport) possesses telepathic powers, allowing her to sense and transmit powerful emotional images. She joins "Mutant X" at the end of the pilot episode, when she finaly accepts and recognizes her power. Brennan Mulwray (a.k.a. Fuse) is an electric man able to create and to project powerful lightning bolts of energy. Before joining the team at the end of the pilot episode, he had used his power for petty crime.

Brennan Mulwray, the electric man - Mutant X
Brennan Mulwray, the electric man

Adam and his mutants are pursued by Mason Eckhart, the security chief of Genomex. He allowed his telekinetic henchman Frank Thorne to murder the founder of Genomex, Dr. Paul Breedlove, charging Dr. Breedlove with the responsibility of creating the genetic "anomalies." He seeks to capture new mutants so as to study them and use their specific powers for his own personal purposes. If he cannot apprehend them, he seeks to destroy them.

Jesse Kilmartin, during a molecular mutation - Mutant X
Jesse Kilmartin, during a molecular mutation

From the comics, "Mutant X" is very close to the "X-Men". This new series has been created by the comics designer Howard Chaykin (who wrote for "Earth : Final Conflict") and Avi Arad, the executive producer of "X-Men", "X-Men 2", and all the other movie adaptations of Marvel Comis, from "Daredevil" to the "Fantastic Four". One great difference between "Mutant X" and "X-Men" is that Mutant X's new mutants have powers which developed as a result of scientific experiments, while in "X-Men", mutants develop abnormalities as a result of natural genetic evolution.

The series is composed of 3 seasons and 66 episodes. It was first aired on October 6th, 2001 in Syndication.


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